Terror Troop 178: Tarot Tuesday 14

It’s all good this week on Tarot Tuesday! April does a 3 card draw and we aren’t revisited by leave this unhealthy situation! Topics include gratitude, new beginnings and moving forward!! So get out there and go for it!

Here is the Teal Swan video mentioned in the show:

Please Support Holly Fulger’s Hollywood Beauty Detective project here.

Also be sure to check out Mindie Adamos’ website, mentioned by April: www.moderndaymedium.com

Here is the link to the crystal article April shared as well: Healing Crystals

Terror Troop 177: The Spud Interview

In this special episode, Boss interviews Spud, bassist and founding member of The Dayglo Abortions. Director Nadine L’Esperance is also aboard as Spud shares his experiences with this infamous Canadian Punk rock band. A fun and fascinating conversation about Spud’s life in the band and stories behind the songs, that we’re happy to share with you all! Enjoy!

Terror Troop 176: Malky At Glasgow Frightfest 2015

Our Scottish Trooper, Malky Hughes, reports out on the films he took in at the 2015 Glasgow Frightfest. Here is the list of films Malky gives his impressions of:

The Atticus Institute
The Hoarder
The Asylum
Blood And Black Lace
The Woods Movie
The Treatment
[rec]: Apocalypse
There Are Monsters

Terror Troop 175: Tarot Tuesday 13

It is the lucky 13th Tarot Tuesday! April plucks 4 cards from the Archangel Michael deck. Some new, some tried and true! We also discuss neighborhood problems and our favorite: cults and large group awareness training!! Enjoy!

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Terror Troop 173: Tarot Tuesday 12

The 12th Tarot Tuesday show is upon us! April draws the cards and Go With The Flow is the order of the day! Time to relax, enjoy your life and be patient for all of the good stuff to come! Also, time to meditate on being healthy! So get to it! Plus April goes off on some movies that (almost unbelievably) get funded!!

Here is a link to the Iyanla Vanzant CD April Mentioned in the show.

Terror Troop 172: Image Of The Beast

Finally another episode with our British contingent! The Emily and Malky join Boss in a discussion of an apocalyptic Christian film called The Image Of The Beast (1980). Malky ran across this odd film in the horror section at reddit.com and shared it with us. Emily also announces that she will be writing for The Rainbow Hub website soon! And for your viewing pleasure, here is a You Tube presentation of the film!

Here is a link to Rainbow Hub which we are proud to say our own Emily writes for!

Terror Troop 171: Tarot Tuesday 11

Our 11th Tarot Tuesday show is here! April draws 3 cards for the people and the reading covers imagination, laughing and comedy and having confidence! Bring us to work with you and enjoy your week!

April Washko’s links:

April’s Website

April’s IMDB Page

April’s You Tube

Terror Troop 170: The Black Scorpion w/ BillChete!

We are joined this episode by none other than the influential, and enigmatic, BillChete! Bill was key in many of the horror podcasts you listen to around the web, and is now doing his show on an app called Horror On The Go! Bill joins us for a look at an old 50s mutant bug movie called The Black Scorpion (1957)! We always have fun with these kinds of films and it was extra special to have BllChete aboard to review this cheesy flick! Enjoy the show!

Links for BillChete:

Horror On The Go website

Get the Horror On The Go app for only $1.99 (The only way to get your BillChete fix!)

BillChete on Facebook

BillChete on Twitter

Other Links Mentioned in the show:

Bloody Lizzy’s website

Horror Worlds.com

Willis’s You Tube Channel

Movie Link:

The Black Scorpion

Terror Troop 169: Tarot Tuesday 10

It’s our Tenth Tarot Tuesday show! April draws 3 cards for this basic reading, and near the end we talk about the You Tube video below which features Horror Films that had strange and terrifying events surrounding them! Enjoy the show!

Terror Troop 168: Looking at Dead Alive w/ Spud & Nadine

We welcome back our friends Spud (founding member of the Dayglo Abortions) and Nadine L’Esperance (Director of No Pets Allowed) to the show! The punk rock filmmakers join Willis and Boss to look at Peter Jackson’s classic 1992 film Dead Alive (aka Braindead) and talk about their new film together, Granny Fuckers! An all around fun episode with more bicycle horn!!

Nadine’s Links:

Nadine’s Blue Girl Productions site

Nadines’s you Tube

Nadine’s Twitter

Smashed N Gravy Films on Facebook

Movie Link:

Dead Alive

Terror Troop 167: Rodentz

We new guy, Larry Walsh from Pennsylvania to the show for a midweek movie review show, as we look at a film from 2001 called Rodentz (or Altered Species). We had a good time getting to know Larry, and also Boss tries to win big with the new Colorado Lottery’s The Walking Dead scratch ticket!!! Was he a big winner or not? Listen and find out!

Movie Link:


Terror Troop 166: Tarot Tuesday 9

April’s back with another general reading, plus we get into TM, and more topical discussions!

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Here is a meditation April suggests for you!

Terror Troop 165: The People That Time Forgot

We are joined by our friends actor/comedian Tony Tale and actress Ashley Gray this week to look at 1977 classic The People That Time Forgot! We start the show off with a discussion of a most interesting chocolate treat, then Willis and Tony talk about recent happenings in the WWE and NXT before we all break down the movie which is based on the book by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This ought to make that commute or work day a lot more bearable!

Tony Tale’s Links

Follow the Hilarity on The Tony Tale Show (You Tube Channel)

Tony on Twitter

Tony’s Facebook

Ashley Gray’s Links:

Hey, It’s Ashley Gray (You Tube)

Ashley Gray.com

Ashley’s Twitter

Ashley on Instagram

Check out Wicked City Girls here! Wicked City Girls.com

The Tony Tale Show on You Tube

Link to Gary Hills Cinema Beef show discussed on the podcast.

Movie Link:

The People That Time Forgot

Terror Troop 164: Tarot Tuesday 8

April is back and we read cards for Lizzy, Boss, and a general card for the people! Fun and insightful conversations, and ghost stories! Enjoy the show and have a great week!

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April’s You Tube

Terror Troop 163: James Cullen Bressack Double Feature

LC Fremont joins us this week as we look at two new films from James Cullen Bressack! The first, a film he wrote called Auteur. It follows a documentarian hot on the trail of a director who made a cursed film. The second is one he wrote and directed called Pernicious, which is the story of three beautiful American college girls in Thailand on a volunteer program who brush up against an ancient evil. Enjoy the show and check out the films when they become available!

Links for James Cullen Bressack:



Psykik Junky Pictures on Facebook

Psykik Junky Pictures Website

Here is LC Fremont’s review of Pernicious at Haddonfield Horror!

And be sure to check out all of the cool stuff the lovely LC Fremont is up to!

Haddonfield Horror.com

Movie Pilot.com

And hear her, as the TV Honey on Horror Honeys Podcast

Terror Troop 162: Tarot Tuesday 7

We’re back with another Tarot Tuesday show after a 2 week break! This time we’re answering your questions and April draws cards for the concerns of a couple listeners and we discuss the results and what got us into podcasting and other endeavors! Thanks for the questions and communication, listeners!

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Terror Troop 161: Charles B. Pierce Movies 3

The final part of a journey we started in July of last year, we look at The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)! Yes it is the third and final installment of our look at the films of Charles B. Pierce. We are joined by Christopher B. Milton from Bigfoot Huntin’ and a good group of troopers to discuss this quirky film! Thank for listening!

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Willis Wheeler, Kelly Killbot, Dan of the Dead, Gary Hill and Blind Frankenstein!

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Movie Link:

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Terror Troop 160: Crying Wolf and Lord Save Our Souls

We have a bit of a combo pack this time out! We start off with a look at Willis’s thoughts on the WWE after the fallout from The Royal Rumble. Next up, Boss Butcher reviews upcoming horror/comedy Crying Wolf and then Wilis, Kelly Killbot and Boss review a student film (a first on Terror Troop), Lord Save Our Souls!

Look for Crying Wolf on Facebook!

The Official Crying Wolf website

Here is the link so you can watch Lord Save Our Souls!

Terror Troop 159: Half-Caste and special guest Holly Fulger

Another big Sunday show! We start the show off with an interview with actress Holly Fulger about her new project, Hollywood Beauty Detective. The series will examine beauty standards in different locations around the U.S. and the world! Then we get into our featured film, a movie from 2004 called Half-Caste! Will the Troopers like it, or is it a turkey? Listen and find out! We also touch on the new trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie and the current happenings in the WWE.

Links for Holly Fulger and Hollywood Beauty Detective:

The Hollywood Beauty Detective Fundly page

Holly Fulger on Twitter

The Hollywood Beauty Detective on Facebook

Movie Link:


Terror Troop 158: Tarot Tuesday 6

It’s that time again! Tarot Tuesday with April Washko! April draws 4 cards for you, and the discussion covers everything from avoiding cults to Fabio’s tragic rollercoaster injury! Fun and often random discussion that is all over the map, but entertaining and insightful! Jump in and escape the crummy cubicle!

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Terror Troop 157: Blood Surf and Boob Terminology

First up this week is an interview that is literally years in the making! Boss welcomes actor Casey Chapman, the star of Mother’s Milk! Casey has listened to the show for years as well, and the two talk horror films, and Mother’s Milk, as well as upcoming films! Then we’re back in the familiar waters here on Terror Troop! Into a trashy B movie called Blood Surf which by it’s very nature brings out some fun Troop discussion! You’ll learn about crocodiles, Reef Sharks, female pirates, and you’ll hear many of the slang terms for breasts. Including some you may not have heard before! Enjoy!

Links for Casey Chapman and Mother’s Milk:

Casey’s Facebook page

Casey on Twitter

Mother’s Milk on Twitter

Mother’s Milk Official Website

The Esemplatic Films Website

Movie Links:

Mother’s Milk

Blood Surf

Terror Troop 156: Tarot Tuesday 5

April is back for Tarot Tuesday! A three card reading is here to inspire and motivate you! Fun, brief discussion after each card is read will give you things to consider! Enjoy!

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Terror Troop 155: AWOL Napoleon Dynamite

It has been almost 50 episodes since the first AWOL episode, so we decided to look at a crazy film from 2004, Napoleon Dynamite! Willis talks about the brand new Star Wars comic, Boss briefly covers the recent theatrical release of The Wizard of Oz and then we get into this goofy film. Good times!

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Willis Wheeler, Kelly Killbot, Gary Hill and Chris Excess!

Movie Link:


Gary Hill’s podcasts:

The Bird and the Beard

Cinema Beef

Two Drink Minimum Commentaries

Kelly and Boss Butcher’s Found Footage Files

Terror Troop 154: Tarot Tuesday- Love and Stuff

April is back with her Angel Card deck for more advice, inspiration and encouragement for you! Boss Butcher and April cover tons of ground, as usual, but spend quite a bit of time discussing relationships toward the end. Enjoy the show!!

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