Terror Troop 197: Tarot Tuesday 20

It is our 20th Tarot Tuesday show! April draws three cards from the Archangel Michael deck and we talk about healing your energy, breaking the rules and our weird dreams!!! Escape your cubicle and join us!!

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Terror Troop 196: WWE Payback and NXT Unstoppable

Willis leads the discussion as we are joined again by Mr. Hilarity, Tony Tale and we welcome his Tag Team partner, Ron Battle, Sr. as we break down an eventful week in the WWE and NXT wrestling! We cover the WWE Payback and NXT Unstoppable PPV’s and the fallout!

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Terror Troop 195: The Devil’s Rain

The always great Levi Olson joins Boss for a look at cheesy Satanic Panic film, The Devil’s Rain (1975)! We hope you share in the great time we had discussing this weird gem that features Earnest Borgnine, Tom Skerritt, William Shatner, John Travolta and more!! The film also received advice from none other than Anton Levay, High Priest of the First Church of Satan!!!!

Movie Link:

The Devil’s Rain

Terror Troop 194: Tarot Tuesday 19

April and Boss are back with your Tarot Tuesday show! April fires up a new deck of cards, and what we have here is a mixture of things to inspire, a lot of laughs. Everything from being your own biggest fan to those damn giant toilet paper rolls in public restrooms! A little bit of preaching! Hit us up on Twitter here: April or Boss

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Terror Troop 193: The Beast With 1,000,000 Eyes

We look at a crappy movie this week. I know that’s hard to believe, if you listen frequently, but Malky is in rare form to share the laughs to be had if you happen to have watched 1955’s The Beast With A Million Eyes! Enjoy our fun breakdown of this time worn classic! LOL! Also, Boss reviews a cool short film called The Jogger from Kevin Doherty!
Enjoy the program, folks!

Movie Link:

The Beast With A Million Eyes

Here is the trailer of Kevin Doherty’s The Jogger!

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Terror Troop 192: Tarot Tuesday 18

It’s been a little bit, but we are back with another Tarot Tuesday show with Pure Michigan’s April Washko! We do a 3 card draw, with lots of new stuff and we talk about Jeff Ragsdale and Holly Fulger, Scientology and more! Lots of good stuff mentioned on the show tonight. Check the links below!

Link to Jeff Ragsdale’s One Lonely Guy

My Stroke of Insight book mentioned on the show.

Holly Fulger’s Hollywood Beauty Detective fundraiser.

Here are some vids from April:

For Cleansing.

April and Ashley in California:

Terror Troop 191: The Demon’s Rook

Malky picks another winner this week, as he and Boss discuss The Demon’s Rook (2013). We encourage you all to watch this 80s throwback film! Also, Willis stops by to review a new, upcoming comic book called Blood & Gourd. We have a link below if you would like to check it out and possibly order a copy for yourself! Thanks for listening, and welcome to listeners from Tunein.com!

Link for Blood & Gourd comic!

Movie link:

The Demon’s Rook

Terror Troop 189: The Deadly Spawn and St. Osmund’s Director Tom Jorgensen

It’s another fun episode with the great Levi Olson as we delve into monster movie greatness in The Deadly Spawn from 1983! We had a lot of fun watching and reviewing this film, and think you will, too! But first, it is a fun interview Boss and LC Fremont have with director of found footage debut, St. Osmund’s, Tom Jorgensen! Tom fills us in on behind the scenes stories, his roots in horror, and more in a fun interview!

Read LC Fremont’s take on It Follows!

Watch Tom Jorgensen’s St. Osmund’s:

Movie review link for The Deadly Spawn!

Terror Troop 188: Doomsday

We look at the 2008 film Doomsday this time out. Malky is forced to watch a film he really doesn’t like, but takes one for the team as we review this film directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent and Dog Soldiers).

Terror Troop 187: Tarot Tuesday 17

In this episode dedicated to my good friend Gretchy, we cover many things! Everything from ghosts, living in the now and our favorite topic, cults! Pure Michigan’s April Washko draws 3 cards for you this week! Enjoy!

Here is April’s pick for Video of the Week!

And for FUN!!

Terror Troop 186: Treasure Trapped and Final Destination 3

Malky, The Emi1y and Boss Butcher look at an odd double feature this week! We start off with a documentary about LARPing called Treasure Trapped. WE have info below so you can follow the progress of this new documentary and request screenings in your area. We round out the show with a review of Final Destination 3 (2006). Good, fun discussions as we three have come to expect!

Treasure Trapped Links:

Official Website

Tugg site to host a screening.

Treasure Trapped on Facebook

Cosmic Joke Studio on Facebook

Treasure Trapped on Twitter

Cosmic Joke on Twitter

Movie Link:

Final Destination 3

Terror Troop 185: Bad Taste

Levi Olson is back again, and he and Boss Butcher take a fun look at Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste (1987). It’s a short but sweet episode that captures the fun of this weird and gross low budget classic! Enjoy!

Movie Link:

Bad Taste

Terror Troop 184: Tarot Tuesday 16

In our 16th Tarot Tuesday, April draws four cards, and they cover a lot of ground! Angels protection, Angels themselves, moving forward with what you want to do and more! Good stuff! Escape the job or commute and get inspired! April also discusses some new cards she acquired recently!

Terror Troop 183: The Shrine

The women outnumber the men for the first time (?) on Terror Troop as we welcome guest Onyx Hades (from Horrorcopia & Bump In The Night podcasts) and welcome the return of Karina to the show as we look at The Shrine (2010)!!!

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Movie Link:

The Shrine

Terror Troop 182: WrestleMania 31 and the Aftermath

Willis takes over the Host chair as we are joined by our friends, Mr. Hilarity, Tony Tale and actress Ashley Gray to talk about WrestleMania 31 and the aftermath on RAW and SmackDown. We had a blast talking about the matches, and Willis did great in his first turn as the Host! We are thinking of covering all the Pay Per Views as a group going forward! Give us your feedback!

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Terror Troop 181: Tarot Tuesday 15

We jump into a bunch of rabbit holes this time out! It was going to be a three card set, but became 4 when a card that has dominated the landscape of these shows, rears it’s ugly head again! Energy is the big theme of this episode!! April also recomends new Netflix series Derek from Ricky Gervais.

Here is a video suggested by April for you this week! Enjoy!

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Terror Troop 180: Stay Alive

Malky and Emily join Boss Butcher and special guest BillChete for a look at Stay Alive (2006). This film is about a group of young people playing a killer video game. We open things with a fun conversation about bizarre products you can buy, and BillChete announces that his Horror On The Go shows will now be available free to everyone! Enjoy this fun episode!

Movie Link:

Stay Alive

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Terror Troop 179: Beaster Day with LC Fremont

LC Fremont joins Boss Butcher for a look at a seasonal movie Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell (2014)! We look at this B-grade Creature Feature and give you our honest opinion to get you ready for the Easter holiday! We also chat about The Walking Dead, what the hell women see in Norman Reedus and more differences between the sexes. Enjoy this sweet little midweek episode!

Movie Link:

Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell

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Terror Troop 178: Tarot Tuesday 14

It’s all good this week on Tarot Tuesday! April does a 3 card draw and we aren’t revisited by leave this unhealthy situation! Topics include gratitude, new beginnings and moving forward!! So get out there and go for it!

Here is the Teal Swan video mentioned in the show:

Please Support Holly Fulger’s Hollywood Beauty Detective project here.

Also be sure to check out Mindie Adamos’ website, mentioned by April: www.moderndaymedium.com

Here is the link to the crystal article April shared as well: Healing Crystals

Terror Troop 177: The Spud Interview

In this special episode, Boss interviews Spud, bassist and founding member of The Dayglo Abortions. Director Nadine L’Esperance is also aboard as Spud shares his experiences with this infamous Canadian Punk rock band. A fun and fascinating conversation about Spud’s life in the band and stories behind the songs, that we’re happy to share with you all! Enjoy!

Terror Troop 176: Malky At Glasgow Frightfest 2015

Our Scottish Trooper, Malky Hughes, reports out on the films he took in at the 2015 Glasgow Frightfest. Here is the list of films Malky gives his impressions of:

The Atticus Institute
The Hoarder
The Asylum
Blood And Black Lace
The Woods Movie
The Treatment
[rec]: Apocalypse
There Are Monsters

Terror Troop 175: Tarot Tuesday 13

It is the lucky 13th Tarot Tuesday! April plucks 4 cards from the Archangel Michael deck. Some new, some tried and true! We also discuss neighborhood problems and our favorite: cults and large group awareness training!! Enjoy!

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Terror Troop 174: The Astral Factor

Boss welcomes Levi Olson back to the fold to look at a 70s psychic killer flick The Astral Factor (1978)! We enjoyed talking about the movie more than we enjoyed actually watching it, but isn’t that podcasting is for? :)

Movie link:

The Astral Factor

Terror Troop 173: Tarot Tuesday 12

The 12th Tarot Tuesday show is upon us! April draws the cards and Go With The Flow is the order of the day! Time to relax, enjoy your life and be patient for all of the good stuff to come! Also, time to meditate on being healthy! So get to it! Plus April goes off on some movies that (almost unbelievably) get funded!!

Here is a link to the Iyanla Vanzant CD April Mentioned in the show.