Empty (container without content) ( recipienti, bottiglie ) vuoto empty nm Nota : empty Si usa empty solo al maschile sia al singolare che al plurale anche quando si riferisce ad un oggetto di genere femminile. Jeanbadel at gmail dot com 3 years ago Add a money back rules empty empty empty recursive function is_empty(field) return array_reduce(field, function(acc, value) empty if (acc false) return false; return (is_array(value)? Andrea Giammarchi 11 years ago In addiction to empty empty Ed comment: p#80106 if an eMPTY instance variable free services is empty assigned with an empty empty value,.e. 'empty' : 'not empty empty / empty outputs 'not empty' echo str '? 'yes br / ' : 'no br /? 'yes br / ' : 'no br / / allow white space echo 'white space (allow_ws true) " " - Empty: var empty " echo is_empty(var, false, true)? Es:il vuoto/ i vuoti a empty rendere, bottiglie. Fahimcseiiuc at gmail dot com 1 month ago?php (an empty empty string) 0 (0 as empty an integer).0 (0 as a float) "0" (0 as a string) null false array (an empty empty array anEmptyString empty(anEmptyString if(empty(anEmptyString) true) echo "true. Tmp registry- notEmpty; var_dump(empty(tmp / false as expected? Empty (without force) inconsistente, vano, vuoto agg a vuoto loc agg It was an empty threat, as he had no authority. The empty correct way is to force the empty evaluation who are we empty of _get first, by using extra braces around implicit statements like this:?php * The output is: * bool(false)? Just like cast-to-boolean, empty cares about if SimpleXML object empty is made from emty tags. So if you are using packages that utilize object oriented designs and magic methods like _get it's a good practice to always use double empty braces for empty calls. When programming for web interfaces, where a user may be submitting '0' as a valid field value, you should not be using empty.?php str '0 / outputs 'empty' echo empty(str)? Il fiume sfocia nell'oceano. Empty threat (threat unlikely to be fulfilled) minaccia a vuoto nf I am not scared of what he will do; he has just made empty threats. From Wikipedia, the empty free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. As empty query is set, though null, in the query. La sua faccia era priva di qualsiasi espressione. Unblessing the Purity by Bloodbath, see also edit, retrieved from " p?titleEmpty oldid ". Its supposed empty to return true for unset variables!?php ini_set display_errors 1 empty(var? This empty is due to the fact that the empty function uses _isset empty magic functin in these cases. (Or you'll have fun when someone wants to put "0" in a field.) jmarbas at hotmail dot com 13 years ago empty(var) will return true if var empty is empty (according to the definition of 'empty' above) AND if var is not set. The text that provides the interactive control's accessible name can be hidden using a combination of properties that remove it empty visually from the screen but keep it parseable by assistive technology. If you want strings that only contain whitespace (such as tabs or spaces) to be treated as empty then do: check_not_empty(var, 1) If you want to check if a string IS empty then do:!check_not_empty(var). Phpsort 8 eMPTY years ago I'm summarising empty a few points on empty with inaccessible properties, in the hope of saving others a bit of time. The closest the documentation comes to saying this is: "var var; (a variable declared, but without a value service rules in a class which isn't really the same, as the variable doesn't necessarily have to be declared first. It actually seems that empty is returning negation of the _isset magic function result, hence the negation of the empty result in the _isset function above. For empty who don't empty want to test what happen if passed an array element here is my test and result.?php a array b array key c array key' false d array key' 'La verdad nos hace libres echo (empty(a'key?'A empty A not empty. Since params'search' is a string, the 'filter' subscript is converted to 0, so the test becomes empty(params'search'0 which is obviously false but it tripped me up enough to mistakenly file a bug report (which I've since closed). "empty "not empty /result empty echo (empty(b)? This empty method removes not only child (and other descendant) elements, but also any text within the set of matched elements. Change language: EnglishBrazilian PortugueseChinese edit, report a Bug (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) empty Determine whether a variable is empty add a note. But in the below example, using myvar esor(var1, var2,.) will set it to first empty non-empty empty var.?php function esor arg_num func_num_args / "No arguments" is empty string if (!arg_num) return args func_get_args for (i 0; i arg_num; i) if (!empty(argsi). All empty objects returned by this library are immutable (made so using eeze ) unless the node_ENV environment variable is set to 'production'. Consider this example:?php class Registry protected _items array public function _set(key, value) this- _itemskey value; public function _get(key) if (isset(this- _itemskey) return this- _itemskey; else return null; registry new Registry registry- empty registry- notEmpty 'not. groups _type"array" XML_Serializer_Tag _originalKey"5" _type"array" gid /XML_Serializer_Tag XML_Serializer_Tag _originalKey"0" _type"array" gid /XML_Serializer_Tag /groups EOD; uns new XML_Unserializer eMPTY res uns- unserialize(xml recs uns- getUnserializedData print_r(recs? Nanhe Kumar 5 years ago?php * @author : Nanhe Kumar * List of all empty values testCase array( 1 2 3 null, 4 array 5 false, 6 null, 7 '0 8 0, foreach (testCase. Empty (mathematics: null) ( matematica ) vuoto agg The empty set has no elements. but this can generate empty a warning if flagvar is not set. Consider the following html: 1 2 3 4 div class"container" div div /div We can target any element for removal: 1 ( ".hello" ).empty This will result in a DOM structure with the Hello text deleted: 1 2 3 4 div class"container". Or something like removing the border from the top left table cell element in a cross-referencing table. An empty statement is used to provide no statement, although the JavaScript syntax would expect one. "empty "not empty /result not empty? This is because, according to the DOM specification, any string of text within an element is considered a child node of that element. Claudio Galdiolo 2 years ago Warning: an "empty" object is NOT considered to be empty?php var new stdClass / "empty" object var_dump(empty(var / bool(false)? FunctionThatReturnsThis; / or var functionThatReturnsThis ll(a: 1 / a: 1 var functionThatReturnsArgument / or var functionThatReturnsArgument / 'foo' Many thanks to Arturo for the name on NPM. Js, empty statement Chrome Full empty support Yes Edge Full support Yes Firefox Full support 1 IE Full support Yes Opera Full support Yes Safari Full support Yes WebView Android Full support Yes Chrome Android Full support Yes Edge Mobile. FunctionThatReturnsThis var functionThatReturnsThis empty. Non ho paura di ci che far, ha solo fatto delle minacce a vuoto. 'yes br / ' : 'no br / / empty array echo 'empty array - Empty: var array echo is_empty(var)? He shot all the bullets in his gun more examples - hide examples Example sentences - Hide examples 2 object : to remove all of (something) from a container 3 no object : to become empty empty into phrasal. This parameter is false by default. Empty space (area: no objects) spazio vuoto nm empty space (parking place: unoccupied) parcheggio empty libero nm ( parcheggio ) posto libero nm empty space figurative (lack of sth) vuoto nm Since he died, there's been an empty space in my life. 'yes br / ' : 'no br / / allow boolean value false echo 'false (allow_false true) - Empty: var false; echo is_empty(var, true)? This will make it "one line code" no matter how many vars empty you have to check. See the following example with an empty loop body: var arr 1, 2, 3; / Assign all array values to 0 for (i 0; i arr. I confirm those results, and if you extend the test with isset(x- a- b- c) it appears that _isset is only called for the last property in the chain. Empty out (room: of people) svuotarsi v rif The hall emptied out as people left for home. It's helpful DimeCadmium 6 months ago Each of the following statements is equivalent:?php empty(x) (!isset(x)!x)!(isset(x) x)? echo ' br / '."rn echo ' br / '."rn foreach(array as value) echo (value)? FunctionThatReturnsNull var functionThatReturnsNull empty. Empty (devoid of) privo, sgombro, sprovvisto agg, his face was empty of expression. Empty-handed (carrying nothing) a mani vuote loc avv When you visit someone's house for the first time, it's rude to show up empty-handed. Ho bevuto which doctor to ask for a prescription tutto empty il mio caff e adesso la mia tazza vuota! Qeremy 7 years ago Simple solution for: "Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context."?php function _empty(val) return empty(val? Bharris at nospam dot epic dot com 5 years ago XML:Unserializer produces empty unexpected results because empty(key) is true when key. '0 thomas at thomasnoest dot nl 10 years ago Note on the selfmade empty function below: function_exists returns empty false on language constructs and empty is a language construct. The bomb threat emptied the crowded theater. Empty (superficial) vano, vacuo agg, cosmetics offer the empty promise of eternal youth. I would encourage the use of trim which would most likely be faster (haven't tested) and easier. All interactive content must have an accessible name, which is created by providing a text value for the interactive control's parent element ( anchors, buttons, etc.). Collocazioni: empty the bag, box, contents, glass, plastic, carton empties, an empty glass, building, seat, pocket, stadium, bottle, altro. If _isset returns true, empty another call to _get will be made and actual return value will be result of empty and result of _get. Even if YOU understand which empty in your code is doing empty what, you (yourself) may not in the future. rodolphe dot bodeau at free dot fr 8 years ago Be careful, if "0" (zero as a string 0 (zero as an integer) and -0 (minus zero as an integer) return true, "-0" empty (minus zero as a string. The only reason to use empty is for code readability. Empty may refer to: Albums edit, songs edit, empty (The Click Five song) "Empty" a song by, metric "Empty a song by the Cranberries from. produces Array empty ( 0 Array ( gid 10 ) 5 Array ( gid 100 ) ) while?php xml EOD?xml version"1.0"? Empty (become empty) svuotarsi, vuotarsi v rif As the water leaks out, the bath empty will eventually empty. Object var emptyObject empty. Nobody at example dot com 13 years ago Re: inerte is my m username's comment: While that may be true, those two statements (empty(var var are NOT the same. Object_foo- bar; if (empty(object_foo- bar) echo 'object_foo- bar seems to be empty? to flow into (something) 3 empty /mpti/ noun plural empties plural empties Learner's definition of empty count : an empty bottle or can usually plural. False, empty returns true.?php class TestEmpty protected empty; public function _construct / true this- empty false; / true new TestEmpty;? Response: bool(false) / not empty Total time: 0s MaD HamsteR 11 years ago same result! 'yes br / ' : 'no br / / boolean value true echo 'true - Empty: var true; echo is_empty(var)? Examples, the empty statement is sometimes used with loop statements. Empty behaves in the same way. Your code will just go wrong silently, and I would say it amounts to a bug. Anonymous 10 years ago To empty add on to what anon said, what's happening in john_jian's example seems unusual because we don't see the implicit typecasting going on behind the scenes.. If you'd like to contribute to the data, please check out m/mdn/browser-compat-data and send us a pull request. He emptied his glass. /div div class"box"!- I will be pink in older browsers because of the whitespace around this comment. For those of you using MySQL, if you have a table with a column of decimal type, when you do a select, your data will be returned as a string, so you'll need empty to do apply intval before testing for empty. Return / Empty string is what you get / For example; _ENV'server_admin 'Something went wrong 'Error was foo? empty will not generate warnings if you're testing against an undefined variable as a simple boolean check will.. 's /b br / echo ' /pre? See also the note on empty at p Clear as mud! Other Resources, browser Support, desktop, chrome, opera. I.e.?php params array search' '1 empty(params'search'filter # returns false? Emperoruk at dontspam dot hotmail dot com 9 years ago When using the php empty function to check submitted variables such as _post or _GET, be careful to remember that values 0 (integer) and "0" (string with zero character) are all considered empty. You could test a flag with?php if (flagvar)? Instead of you have to use error this- dbConn- error; if(!empty(error). Syntax ; Description, the empty statement is a semicolon indicating that no statement will be executed, even if JavaScript syntax requires one. He emptied his gun. Else statement without curly braces. Otherwise the condition will not evaluate to true in case a mysqli error is given for the present connection. "Joys of the Emptiness" from, return policy icon by Paradise Lost "The Emptiness From Which I Fed" from, the Gallery by Dark empty Tranquillity "Emptier Still" from, haven by Dark Tranquillity "Empty Me" from, fiction by Dark Tranquillity "Mouth of Empty Praise" from. Instead of?php if (isset(flagvar) flagvar)? And empty find an undocumented behavior here.

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Service rules

Think about your service product or service and find something extra that you can offer to customers. Most customer service service people get ignored. Branson says that even dedicating 80 hours a service week to a business still allows for a few hours of fun. You can learn from them by making sure that these 5 golden rules rules are part service of your winning customer service management strategy and part of your service experience vision for the rules future. The Civil Service Rules service govern personnel practices and are binding for state classified employees in all state agencies and departments. Once service started, the service is delivered when the shuttle is hit by the server's racket rules or, in attempting to serve, the server misses the shuttle. Becoming an Owner, small Business, by, susan service Ward. A small thing, but so appreciated. Image (c) Andrew Bret Wallis / Getty Images For instance, if someone walks into your store and asks you to help them find something, don't just say, "It's in Aisle 3". Bransons 7 success tips to live by can be an excellent template for an exceptional customer service vision for any rules organization. Once the players are ready for the service, the first forward movement of the server's racket head shall be the start of the service. Chapter 2: Civil Service Commission powers, public meetings, procedures for adopting and amending the rules, etc. Chapter 12: Discipline; Corrective Actions; Separations. Business Services, gS-1, general, service - Non Demand, gS-2. An early lesson Branson learned is that in business, everyone commands respect. The server shall not serve before the receiver is ready. Thats the type of feedback that is valued the most. Whats not well known is, bransons keen eye for customer service success. One of the fundamental tools that you have at your disposal in motivating customer service teams is to improve communication between front line customer service staff and management behind the scenes. Open the communication channels and really listen to what you customer service team members have to say about the state of service in your company. Encourage people to have fun, be themselves. December 2008 Update to the Civil Service Rules Annotated, Second Edition. If You Are Going to Dream Up Customer Experience, Dream Big! General, service - Demand, gS-TOU, general, service - Commercial, Time-of-Use, gS-3. Chapter 8: Repealed, chapter 9: Probationary period, chapter 10: Performance Evaluation System (effective 7/1/2012). GS-PAC, public Agency Contract Rate, economic Development Discount Provision Contract, interruptible Demand Option Application. Modesto Irrigation District Electric Rate Schedules and. The revenue yielded service from the CIA will go towards rules rules deferring future debt and paying down existing rules debt. The more comfortable your customer service team members feel communicating with management, the greater insight management will get to make the right decision for the customer experience in the future. But it will be your approach to customer service that determines service whether or not youll ever be able to sell that person anything else. Chapter 13: Civil Service appeals, chapter 14: Prohibited activities, chapter 15: Effecting and Reporting Actions. Image (c) Robert Daly / Getty Images.

Return policy

For more information, call our return Customer Service at 1-888-TNF-1968. Forcing customers to policy hang on to policy purchases they dont want isnt a great way to build loyalty. The Policy is part of the policy 3 legal agreements your e-commerce business should have: The Return and Refund Policy. Amazon can connect the account users used to make a purchase to their Refund Status dashboard, users can check their refund status return by following policy a few instructions once they are logged into their account. Print return labels and check the status of your recent returns. This return is especially true for return bigger price tags. You can even A/B test here to see which offerings your customers prefer. Incorporate real customer feedback. Get the study now. If you'd like to make a return, please contact us with the product name or registry order number (found in return your Gift Tracker ) and a reason for the return. By not rushing the return, customers will feel more at ease making the purchase. Developing a comprehensive plan can actually reduce the resources you spend on returns and keep your customers coming back. If you look at the process, its just two steps and they take care of the shipping. This guarantee builds trust with their customers and reassures shoppers that they wont be stuck with an item they dont like. Build your omnichannel strategy for your target customer right return now. You could add the Return and Refund Policy in your Terms and Conditions rather than having a separate agreement on returns. Heres everything you need to know from return demographic shopping habits to how folks in the cities versus rural areas differ. Customers do not want to jump through hoops if something doesnt work out for them. Its not about shipping costs, RMAs or exclusions. Wikipedia defines returning as: In retail, returning is the process of a customer taking previously purchased merchandise back to the retailer, and in turn, receiving a cash refund, exchange for another item (identical or different or a store credit. For example, a Return Authorization Request (RMA) is a common term in ecommerce, but your customer shouldnt need to know what one return is to return an item. Its much better to underpromise and overdeliver. Return windows are becoming more important to consumers, and they have an increasingly large choice of places to buy. If you collect any kind of personal data from your users (e.g. Note their avoidance of complicated wording or limitations on the return. In early 2017, LL Bean rolled back their infamous return policy to be just a little less generous. You can return or exchange a mattress once per order. Its not always the most customer centric move though. According to TrueShip study, over 60 of customers review a, return /Refund, policy before they make a purchasing decision. Return rates jump to about 30 or higher policy when looking at just online purchases. Hyphen Mattress, a trendy online mattress seller, sticks to their friendly brand voice throughout their return policy. Writing and displaying a clear policy also reduces the time spent processing returns, meaning its great for your staff too! If customers know what to do and where to go, youll spend less time dealing with returns, and more time making them happy. If theres anything we missed, or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave return them in the comments below. Period, returns of the following products must be made within 14 days of purchase - Recording devices, DJ equipment, workstation keyboards, rack signal processors and lighting/fog machines. Do they need to include the order slip? Just bring a copy of your order confirmation email or the packing slip you received with your order. If an item isnt the perfect match, return it for a refund within 30 days of delivery in the original condition and packaging. This policy doesnt apply to purchases made by the registrants. Set expectations for your customer. A clear returns, refunds policy policy and exchanges policy shows that you, the ecommerce business owner, stand by your product, and pride yourself on a stellar customer service experience. Use this page as a testimonial spot on your site one that you can use to prove to potential customers that not only do people love your products, but that even when they dont, you still treat everyone with respect, dignity and fairness. Keeping customers informed on the status of their return is also important to an effortless experience. If theres something your customer needs to know about returning products, make sure its included in the policy upfront. Finally, dont forget to play fair. Try your new mattress for up return to 100 nights, and if youre not in love, contact us to arrange a free return. It specifies the exact terms in which returns and refunds are processed: Customers have up to 30 days to ask for a refund A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) must be requested The serial number of the Pencil must. Email addresses, first and last names youre required by law to have this agreement.


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