Terror Troop 047: Alien Invasions with Donald Sutherland

Most of the lineup is back for this episode as The Emily and Dan of the Dead rejoin Boss, Lizzy and Wildman Willis! We look at a couple of alien invasion movies starring the great Donald Sutherland this time out, starting off with the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and closing with The Puppet Masters (1994). Fun discussions of these two movies show some of the differences in our personal tastes!

Bonus reviews include Willis’ take on The ABCs of Death, and Boss reviews Dark Skies. Also Lizzy suggest you all listen to The No Sleep Podcast

Links for the movies!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The Puppet Masters

The ABCs Of Death (Pre-order for release in USA on 5/7)

Dark Skies (pre-order, date undetermined)

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Responding to listener feedback, we have put the Terror Troop podcast on Stitcher Radio. If you are not familiar, Stitcher provides tens of thousands of interesting programs on demand and on the go. The app is available for both iTunes and Android, for phones and tablets! This gives you all another option to listen to our show! Thank you for all of your support! We are glad to keep expanding our reach, and hope to meet even more cool people all around the world!

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Terror Troop 046: Crazy Babies

A mother delivers a cursed child and another gives birth to a monster created by pollution and medication. These are the movies we look at in this week’s Terror Troop! The first one we examine is a movie that goes by more than one title. Here are a few: Sharon’s Baby, I Don’t Want To Be Born, and The Devil Inside Me from 1975. The second feature is the classic, It’s Alive (1974). See what Boss, Lizzy and Willis think of these infant horrors, along with childbirth stories, strip club tales and a few laughs!

Movie Links for Episode 46:

Sharon’s Baby, or whatever it’s called

It’s Alive

Terror Troop 045: Willard

The North American branch of the Troop tackles the original Willard (1971) and its 2003 remake on this episode! Listen and laugh as we compare the two rat-centric flicks, and go deep on the subtext (for Terror Troop, anyway)! Lizzy hypes the Beta of Slender: The Arrival, a scary video game in development, and Willis plugs the latest installment of the Dead Space video game franchise, Dead Space 3! Also we hail good news for our friends out there! Land of the Creeps is almost ready to start back up, and Jenna Payne from The Cutting Room, secured funding for her Zompire Vixens From Pluto project and we congratulate her! Enjoy, Troopers!

Show links:

Willard (the original)

Willard (remake)

Dead Space 3

Slender: The Arrival

Land Of The Creeps Podcast

Terror Troop 044:Clowning Around

Do clowns creep you out, or just make you laugh? We kick that and other subjects around in this show. In the first half Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis and The Emily take a look at House of Fears from 2007. We recorded the second half on another night, and unfortunately The Emily came down with a cold and lost her voice! The good news is: Dan of the Dead was able to join us and we took look at a movie with a sordid behind the scenes story and the feature debut of Sam Rockwell, Clownhouse (1989). We hope laugh as much as we did in this one! Enjoy!

As for recommendations, Willis recommends the Dead Space video game series with the new entry, Dead Space 3 which is now available!

Show links:

House of Fears


Willis’ video Game recommendation: Dead Space 3

Terror Troop 043: Snakes

Welcome to our 43rd episode! We jump into a couple of snake movies! We start off with Snakes On A Train from 2006, and go back in time to look at Sssssss from 1973, featuring Dirk Benedict of Battle Star Galactica.
In our recommendation segment, we review a Terror Troop on Patrol movie: Mama, (produced by Guillermo Del Toro). Listen to our take on this creepy ghost movie, and check it out in the theater!

We hope you enjoy our 2nd episode on TerrorTroop.com !!!

I also have to thank Jason Pyles (known to many as Jay of the Dead) for all the help he gave us to bring Terror Troop to the people! Please check out his awesome podcast here: Movie Podcast Weekly

Movie links for this episode:



Snakes On A Train

Terror Troop 042: We’re Not Going To Put Rape In The Title…

Welcome to the other side!!! We have migrated to our own domain here at TerrorTroop.com and are excited to present the 42nd episode of our little podcast! Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, and Wildman Willis are joined by Dan of The Dead from Queensland, Australia and The Emily, Emily Wood from England as we look at two flicks about interpecies procreation!

We kick it off with a couple of Bigfoot movies: Bigfoot (2012) and Night Claws(2012), then delve into these two weird movies. First it’s 1980’s Humanoids From The Deep followed by Breeders (1986). We really had a great time recording this episode, and we hope you enjoy our efforts!

Episode 42 will be here on Sunday!

I can’t guarantee you that the episode will be lined up the way I want it, but you will be able to hear episode 42 this Sunday, the 3rd one way or another. We will be looking at Creature Features that find aliens/ monsters seeking to propagate their species with human females. This episode will also feature Dan Of The Dead from Queensland, Australia, and another appearance by Emily Wood from England! Make sure you check back in Sunday and have a listen!

I am doing my best to get the iTunes subscription feed up for you guys. Just bear with me, as it is something I have never done before! Thanks for all your support!

Welcome to the revived Terror Troop website!

Our last episode that will appear on Horror Palace will be up Sunday January 27. It has been a fun year and a half. We’ve met all kinds of great podcasters who have become friends, we’ve had alot of listeners get in touch with us and support our podcast. It has been great, and the fun will now continue here at TerrorTroop.com . Over the next few weeks we will be working on this site to make it the launchpad for our podcast subscription (still weekly, and still FREE to you!). While we don’t plan on missing a single week, the beginning will be an adjustment period. We will be releasing our weekly show every Sunday, but the way you receive it will change. Perhaps a couple of times.

We have to get our feed going so that we can resubmit with iTunes, and then it will be automatic for all who subscribe. So please be patient, and be assured we are working hard to learn the more technical aspects of providing you with the Terror Troop podcast!

Thank you all for following us to our new home, and for all the support and feedback you have given us!

Your pal,

Boss Butcher