Terror Troop 166: Tarot Tuesday 9

April’s back with another general reading, plus we get into TM, and more topical discussions!

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Here is a meditation April suggests for you!

Terror Troop 164: Tarot Tuesday 8

April is back and we read cards for Lizzy, Boss, and a general card for the people! Fun and insightful conversations, and ghost stories! Enjoy the show and have a great week!

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April’s Website

April’s IMDB Page

April’s You Tube

Terror Troop 162: Tarot Tuesday 7

We’re back with another Tarot Tuesday show after a 2 week break! This time we’re answering your questions and April draws cards for the concerns of a couple listeners and we discuss the results and what got us into podcasting and other endeavors! Thanks for the questions and communication, listeners!

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Terror Troop 158: Tarot Tuesday 6

It’s that time again! Tarot Tuesday with April Washko! April draws 4 cards for you, and the discussion covers everything from avoiding cults to Fabio’s tragic rollercoaster injury! Fun and often random discussion that is all over the map, but entertaining and insightful! Jump in and escape the crummy cubicle!

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Terror Troop 156: Tarot Tuesday 5

April is back for Tarot Tuesday! A three card reading is here to inspire and motivate you! Fun, brief discussion after each card is read will give you things to consider! Enjoy!

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Terror Troop 154: Tarot Tuesday- Love and Stuff

April is back with her Angel Card deck for more advice, inspiration and encouragement for you! Boss Butcher and April cover tons of ground, as usual, but spend quite a bit of time discussing relationships toward the end. Enjoy the show!!

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Terror Troop 151: Tarot Tuesday, Philosophising, Indigo Children

April is back with another Angel Card reading for everyone! see if it speaks to you! We also have a ton of conversations on many topics! Everything from chasing your dreams, to ghosts to Indigo Children and on and on! Let us keep you company and maybe even inspire you a bit!

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Special Preview of April Washko’s New Photo Shoot





April sent us this awesome photo from her latest shoot, where she is rocking the retro look in a fall setting! April would like you all to subscribe to her You Tube page! Go sign up and keep up with April’s videos! Click on the links below and check out her You Tube Channel, and go to her website for links to her blog and other cool stuff! Photo by Lori Esterline of Esterline Photography

April’s You Tube

April’s Website

April’s IMDB Page

Terror Troop is now available on Stitcher!

Responding to listener feedback, we have put the Terror Troop podcast on Stitcher Radio. If you are not familiar, Stitcher provides tens of thousands of interesting programs on demand and on the go. The app is available for both iTunes and Android, for phones and tablets! This gives you all another option to listen to our show! Thank you for all of your support! We are glad to keep expanding our reach, and hope to meet even more cool people all around the world!

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Episode 42 will be here on Sunday!

I can’t guarantee you that the episode will be lined up the way I want it, but you will be able to hear episode 42 this Sunday, the 3rd one way or another. We will be looking at Creature Features that find aliens/ monsters seeking to propagate their species with human females. This episode will also feature Dan Of The Dead from Queensland, Australia, and another appearance by Emily Wood from England! Make sure you check back in Sunday and have a listen!

I am doing my best to get the iTunes subscription feed up for you guys. Just bear with me, as it is something I have never done before! Thanks for all your support!

Welcome to the revived Terror Troop website!

Our last episode that will appear on Horror Palace will be up Sunday January 27. It has been a fun year and a half. We’ve met all kinds of great podcasters who have become friends, we’ve had alot of listeners get in touch with us and support our podcast. It has been great, and the fun will now continue here at TerrorTroop.com . Over the next few weeks we will be working on this site to make it the launchpad for our podcast subscription (still weekly, and still FREE to you!). While we don’t plan on missing a single week, the beginning will be an adjustment period. We will be releasing our weekly show every Sunday, but the way you receive it will change. Perhaps a couple of times.

We have to get our feed going so that we can resubmit with iTunes, and then it will be automatic for all who subscribe. So please be patient, and be assured we are working hard to learn the more technical aspects of providing you with the Terror Troop podcast!

Thank you all for following us to our new home, and for all the support and feedback you have given us!

Your pal,

Boss Butcher