Episode 42 will be here on Sunday!

I can’t guarantee you that the episode will be lined up the way I want it, but you will be able to hear episode 42 this Sunday, the 3rd one way or another. We will be looking at Creature Features that find aliens/ monsters seeking to propagate their species with human females. This episode will also feature Dan Of The Dead from Queensland, Australia, and another appearance by Emily Wood from England! Make sure you check back in Sunday and have a listen!

I am doing my best to get the iTunes subscription feed up for you guys. Just bear with me, as it is something I have never done before! Thanks for all your support!

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  1. Ah, that kinda creature feature. I wonder if any of you have seen the Canadian movie “Decoys”. Kinda similar to Species. Has an actress that was in Dark House with Jeffrey Combs. I think it’s a lot of fun.

    • Wait I read the post wrong. Ah well. Decoys is still cool. And now I’m more intrigued because I can’t think of any like you described at the moment..

  2. Thanks for the comments, Some guy! Yeah, I can tell you that isn’t one of the movies, but it sounds intriguing! We are planning on revisiting the them later so maybe we’ll throw that on on the list!

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