Terror Troop 214: Tarot Tuesday32

Fresh off a brand new Vine video horror, Demons, April brings a lot of inspiration in a three card reading where themes include travel, asserting yourself, and moving on to other areas of your life once you have achieved certain goals. Be sure to watch the two parts of the new Vine video Demons starring April Washko and produced by Curt Pennington and Something Cunning Entertainment! Enjoy!

Terror Troop 213: Tarot Tuesday 31

Giving and receiving help is an overarching theme this week in a three card reading. April shares her excitement with her work with Curt Pennington’s Something Cunning Entertainment. With a Vine video in the can and a short film ready to shoot later this month, the fun is just beginning! We also discuss an interview on Broadly with the outspoken Rose McGowan (featured below) and have a little behind the scenes chat about podcasting.

Here is a video of Rose McGowan’s spot with Broadly:

And here is a link to the whole article on Broadly.

Terror Troop 194: Tarot Tuesday 19

April and Boss are back with your Tarot Tuesday show! April fires up a new deck of cards, and what we have here is a mixture of things to inspire, a lot of laughs. Everything from being your own biggest fan to those damn giant toilet paper rolls in public restrooms! A little bit of preaching! Hit us up on Twitter here: April or Boss

And be sure to visit April Washko’s website!

Terror Troop 139: Doc Talk- Lost For Life

Enjoy this fun episode featuring Boss Butcher and April Washko! We cover a lot of ground but the main focus is the 2013 documentary Lost For Life, a look at juveniles convicted of murderers who are serving life sentences, and whether or not release is ever warranted. Before that is some fun conversation about an old news story about Lawnchair Larry, Balloon Boy and some attempts at singing! Plus an added bonus of a Tarot Tuesday Angel card reading by April! Perfect company for your commute or workday!


Here is the photo April took of the cards during the reading. Visit April’s Website!



Netflix link for Lost For Life

Terror Troop 137: Tarot Tuesday!

April is starting something new for everyone! Based on how much Boss Butcher enjoys the Angel Card readings she does, she is doing a one card draw from the Angel Deck to give inspiration to any and all! This episode is the place from which it grew. We sat down for a reading, they internet dropped at a key moment, static electricity and more drops interupted the podcast and took the conversation all over the map, from laughs, affirmation and self improvement. And More! Then we picked up the reading again at a later date and made it a episode that will hopefully keep you company at work or on your commute! Enjoy some quality time with your friends, Boss and April!

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Happy Halloween, Troopers! We have some movie picks for you, some ghosts and card readings. All kinds of Halloween goodness to get you through the best night of the year! We start and finish with our good friend, April Washko. April reads the fortunes of Boss Butcher on her Angel Card deck, and maybe it applies to YOU as well!

As for the movie picks, the Troopers really give you some good stuff this week! If you need a movie to get you through the night, surely one of our picks will be an entertaining movie and if not, stay tuned and hear Boss and April look at 10 of the most convincing ghost pictures ever recorded, and Boss hears his fortune from the cards under April’s command! Listen and learn!

Happy Halloween, Troopers!

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, April Washko, Director Wilfredo Aqueron, Willis Wheeler, Kelly KIllbot, Gary Hill and Blind Frankenstien.

April Washko’s Links:

April’s Website

April’s IMDB Page

April’s You Tube