Terror Troop 216: Tarot Tuesday 34

Welcome to the last Tarot Tuesday show before we jump back into the movie review shows that start this Sunday! April does a dynamic reading from up to 3 decks, to help give you some perpective. An old familiar card raises it’s ugly head again, and we encourage you once again to Leave This Negative Situation! Some of the things we talk about are being open to meeting people, embracing new situations and more.

Note: We will be taking an indefinite break from the Tarot Tuesday shows to renew our focus on the movie review shows. Thank you for listening.

Terror Troop 215: Tarot Tuesday 33

Just back from a weekend shoot for upcoming film for Something Cunning Entertainment, and exhausted April talks a bit about the experience and does a 2 card reading. Themes include getting unstuck and being patient waiting on dreams.

Here are the links for Something Cunning Entertainment, so you can keep track of the upcoming projects:

Something Cunning Entertainment on Facebook



And make sure to subscribe to the Something Cunning Entertainment You Tube Channel!

Terror Troop 214: Tarot Tuesday32

Fresh off a brand new Vine video horror, Demons, April brings a lot of inspiration in a three card reading where themes include travel, asserting yourself, and moving on to other areas of your life once you have achieved certain goals. Be sure to watch the two parts of the new Vine video Demons starring April Washko and produced by Curt Pennington and Something Cunning Entertainment! Enjoy!

Terror Troop 213: Tarot Tuesday 31

Giving and receiving help is an overarching theme this week in a three card reading. April shares her excitement with her work with Curt Pennington’s Something Cunning Entertainment. With a Vine video in the can and a short film ready to shoot later this month, the fun is just beginning! We also discuss an interview on Broadly with the outspoken Rose McGowan (featured below) and have a little behind the scenes chat about podcasting.

Here is a video of Rose McGowan’s spot with Broadly:

And here is a link to the whole article on Broadly.

Terror Troop 212: Tarot Tuesday 30

It’s time for your Tarot Tuesday again! We start off talking about the tragic death of Cecil the lion and work our way into a two card reading that definitely covers a ton of ground as usually happens on this show! Please check out the videos that April picked for the show this week. They are listed below!

Terror Troop 211: Tarot Tuesday 29

We start right off with April’s big news about teaming up with Curt Pennington for upcoming horror greatness! We are joined by a handful of viewers on our first foray into Periscope! Then it is into a three cards drawing that sparks lengthy discussions about suicide, encouraging people who are chasing their dreams and doing it your own way! Be sure to check out all of the links to Something Cunning Entertainment listed below!

Links to Something Cunning Entertainment:

On Instagram



Something Cunning Entertainment on You Tube

Follow Curt Pennington on Twitter

Here is the 20 second clip from Curt Pennington and Something Cunning Entertainment for you to check out:

Here is April’s Inspiring video of the week!

Terror Troop 210: Tarot Tuesday 28

Welcome to the food network! A slow news day leads to a headlong discussion of food, in an odd start to the show. We cover yucca fries, gyros and dive into vegetarianism in the opening segemnt before getting into the 3 card reading! The themes of the reading this week are Inspiration and Intuition. Have a great week!

Here is more behind the scenes stuff from April’s recent photo shoot!

Terror Troop 209: Tarot Tuesday 27

It’s an extended play version of Tarot Tuesday this week! We talk about movies including the thirds look at The Loft and M. Night Shyamalan’s Devil. During the card reading we talk about having faith, intuition, abundance and the creepy Jared from Subway situation!

Here is April’s Inspirational video for the week!

Terror Troop 207: Tarot Tuesday 26

We revisit The Loft, from last episode and look at the marketing possibilities that might have been examined! We talk about that and April’s latest photo shoot before jumping into the 2 cards that April drew from the Guardian Angel Tarot cards!

Here is the video of April’s latest photo shoot!

Terror Troop 206: Tarot Tuesday 25 Review of The Loft

We have a variety show here this week! We start off with a discussion of the recent news of actress/director Rose McGowan commenting on the sexism in Hollywood, then we review thriller, The Loft, starring Wentworth Miller and finish things off with a 1 card reading from the Guardian Angel Tarot Card deck.

Here are links April is sharing this week! Check them out!

Roseanne Barr Talks about MK Ultra and Hollywood:

Rose McGowan talks about sexist casting call here:

Indiewire article about the Rose McGowan story, click here!

Terror Troop 205: Tarot Tuesday 24

We jump right into it this time! A four card reading of Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by April that yields some upbeat discussions. Lots of good stuff on here including faith, valuing yourself, appreciating and being content with what you have and more! Enjoy!

Terror Troop 203: Tarot Tuesday 23

We start off the show talking about a variety of film industry stuff including Fi Core, corruption and more. Then April draws 3 cards from the Doreen Virtue Guardian Angel Tarot cards and the theme that emerged is ‘letting it go’! A variety of examples around this theme are discussed. The show wraps up with Boss sharing a chilling dream he recently had.

Be sure to check out April’s new, exciting and RED Website!

Here is the inspirational video from April this week:

Terror Troop 199: Tarot Tuesday 21

Here it is! Our 21st Tarot Tuesday features April working a brand new deck! The Angel Tarot Cards have things to say to you! Branch out! Meet new people and be inclusive! Good Things can happen!

Read April’s Blog and more at www.aprilwashko.com

Terror Troop 197: Tarot Tuesday 20

It is our 20th Tarot Tuesday show! April draws three cards from the Archangel Michael deck and we talk about healing your energy, breaking the rules and our weird dreams!!! Escape your cubicle and join us!!

Go to AprilWashko.com

Terror Troop 194: Tarot Tuesday 19

April and Boss are back with your Tarot Tuesday show! April fires up a new deck of cards, and what we have here is a mixture of things to inspire, a lot of laughs. Everything from being your own biggest fan to those damn giant toilet paper rolls in public restrooms! A little bit of preaching! Hit us up on Twitter here: April or Boss

And be sure to visit April Washko’s website!

Terror Troop 192: Tarot Tuesday 18

It’s been a little bit, but we are back with another Tarot Tuesday show with Pure Michigan’s April Washko! We do a 3 card draw, with lots of new stuff and we talk about Jeff Ragsdale and Holly Fulger, Scientology and more! Lots of good stuff mentioned on the show tonight. Check the links below!

Link to Jeff Ragsdale’s One Lonely Guy

My Stroke of Insight book mentioned on the show.

Holly Fulger’s Hollywood Beauty Detective fundraiser.

Here are some vids from April:

For Cleansing.

April and Ashley in California:

Terror Troop 187: Tarot Tuesday 17

In this episode dedicated to my good friend Gretchy, we cover many things! Everything from ghosts, living in the now and our favorite topic, cults! Pure Michigan’s April Washko draws 3 cards for you this week! Enjoy!

Here is April’s pick for Video of the Week!

And for FUN!!

Terror Troop 184: Tarot Tuesday 16

In our 16th Tarot Tuesday, April draws four cards, and they cover a lot of ground! Angels protection, Angels themselves, moving forward with what you want to do and more! Good stuff! Escape the job or commute and get inspired! April also discusses some new cards she acquired recently!

Terror Troop 181: Tarot Tuesday 15

We jump into a bunch of rabbit holes this time out! It was going to be a three card set, but became 4 when a card that has dominated the landscape of these shows, rears it’s ugly head again! Energy is the big theme of this episode!! April also recomends new Netflix series Derek from Ricky Gervais.

Here is a video suggested by April for you this week! Enjoy!

We sure to check out April’s Website!

Terror Troop 178: Tarot Tuesday 14

It’s all good this week on Tarot Tuesday! April does a 3 card draw and we aren’t revisited by leave this unhealthy situation! Topics include gratitude, new beginnings and moving forward!! So get out there and go for it!

Here is the Teal Swan video mentioned in the show:

Please Support Holly Fulger’s Hollywood Beauty Detective project here.

Also be sure to check out Mindie Adamos’ website, mentioned by April: www.moderndaymedium.com

Here is the link to the crystal article April shared as well: Healing Crystals

Terror Troop 175: Tarot Tuesday 13

It is the lucky 13th Tarot Tuesday! April plucks 4 cards from the Archangel Michael deck. Some new, some tried and true! We also discuss neighborhood problems and our favorite: cults and large group awareness training!! Enjoy!

Be sure to visit AprilWashko.com !

Terror Troop 173: Tarot Tuesday 12

The 12th Tarot Tuesday show is upon us! April draws the cards and Go With The Flow is the order of the day! Time to relax, enjoy your life and be patient for all of the good stuff to come! Also, time to meditate on being healthy! So get to it! Plus April goes off on some movies that (almost unbelievably) get funded!!

Here is a link to the Iyanla Vanzant CD April Mentioned in the show.

Terror Troop 171: Tarot Tuesday 11

Our 11th Tarot Tuesday show is here! April draws 3 cards for the people and the reading covers imagination, laughing and comedy and having confidence! Bring us to work with you and enjoy your week!

April Washko’s links:

April’s Website

April’s IMDB Page

April’s You Tube

Terror Troop 169: Tarot Tuesday 10

It’s our Tenth Tarot Tuesday show! April draws 3 cards for this basic reading, and near the end we talk about the You Tube video below which features Horror Films that had strange and terrifying events surrounding them! Enjoy the show!

Terror Troop 166: Tarot Tuesday 9

April’s back with another general reading, plus we get into TM, and more topical discussions!

Be sure to visit April’s You Tube Channel!

Here is a meditation April suggests for you!