Terror Troop 030: UFOs and Aliens

Here is an episode from the Terror Troop archives! This was back when we were a part of the Horror Palace Network, and it is unedited from that time. We had HellHunter on board as well as the The Unknown Murderer, Levi Olson. Rounding out the Troop that day was Boss Butcher and Bloody Lizzy. The topic was Ufo/Alien movies and we reviewed 4 of them: Creature (1985), Fire In The Sky (1993), Pandorum (2009) and The Fourth Kind (2009).

Lizzy makes mention of a horror game called Slender: The Arrival, which sparked a nice discussion of different games. Boss Butcher gives a review/recommendation of a found footage movie called Hollow. There is also an interview at the end of the show with the Writer, Matthew Holt and the Director, Michael Axelgaard.

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, HellHunter and Levi Olson.

Movie Links:



Fire In The Sky


The Fourth Kind

Terror Troop 045: Willard

The North American branch of the Troop tackles the original Willard (1971) and its 2003 remake on this episode! Listen and laugh as we compare the two rat-centric flicks, and go deep on the subtext (for Terror Troop, anyway)! Lizzy hypes the Beta of Slender: The Arrival, a scary video game in development, and Willis plugs the latest installment of the Dead Space video game franchise, Dead Space 3! Also we hail good news for our friends out there! Land of the Creeps is almost ready to start back up, and Jenna Payne from The Cutting Room, secured funding for her Zompire Vixens From Pluto project and we congratulate her! Enjoy, Troopers!

Show links:

Willard (the original)

Willard (remake)

Dead Space 3

Slender: The Arrival

Land Of The Creeps Podcast