Terror Troop 090: Clown Action

Hello, and welcome to episode 90 of our little podcast! We were asked to review a film by one of our awesome listeners, Jay Drury, and were glad we did! The main feature this time out is Stitches (2012), a film about a vengeful, evil clown! Also featured this week is a segment with the always heavy duty Levi Olson who recommends a film starring Donald Sutherland called Don’t Look Now (1972), and hear Emily’s take on Stitches as well, in a separate segment! Also enjoy early alcohol tales from the Troopers!

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, Kelly Killbot, The Evil Druid!! Segments: Levi Olson and The Emi1y!

Movie Links:


Don’t Look Now

Terror Troop 046: Crazy Babies

A mother delivers a cursed child and another gives birth to a monster created by pollution and medication. These are the movies we look at in this week’s Terror Troop! The first one we examine is a movie that goes by more than one title. Here are a few: Sharon’s Baby, I Don’t Want To Be Born, and The Devil Inside Me from 1975. The second feature is the classic, It’s Alive (1974). See what Boss, Lizzy and Willis think of these infant horrors, along with childbirth stories, strip club tales and a few laughs!

Movie Links for Episode 46:

Sharon’s Baby, or whatever it’s called

It’s Alive