Terror Troop 183: The Shrine

The women outnumber the men for the first time (?) on Terror Troop as we welcome guest Onyx Hades (from Horrorcopia & Bump In The Night podcasts) and welcome the return of Karina to the show as we look at The Shrine (2010)!!!

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Movie Link:

The Shrine

Terror Troop 100: You’ve Got A Little Trooper In Your Pooper

Welcome to Episode 100! This gigantic show ought to keep you busy for a while! We remember our humble beginings, visit with friends, and of course talk about movies. After the troopers share memories and thank those who helped and supported along the way, we start a wide variety of segments. First up, it’s Malky Hughes sharing his thoughts on the films he saw at the Glasgow Frightfest, then it’s a fun review of Frankenhooker (1990) with Boss Butcher and the Rotten Rantings crew of Katie Rots and Chris Robo. Next up, Levi Olson and Boss look at The Brood (1979), then the crew on the main part of the show jump on for confession time. Then off into the segments again as we’re joined by director Nadine L’Esperance and Spud from the Dayglo Abortions. They stop by to talk about Nadine’s new film No Pets Allowed, then our good friend Ashley Gray joins us to catch us up with her new projects including her new music video “Grizzy is Done”. Next up a segment featuring The Emi1y giving her take on Grabbers (2012) followed by Willis and Boss recapping WrestleMania 30. Then it’s the showcase segment! World renowned psychic medium Kristy Robinett stops by and shares her experiences helping to solve murder cases and to promote her new TV special, Restless Souls which will debut on Monday, April 14th at 9 PM EST on Investigation Discovery Channel. Kristy answers a variety of questions from Boss, actress April Washko, Bloody Lizzy and Willis.

The movie we review for our big 100th show is a Terror Troop natural, Bad Milo (2013). We had a bunch of fun reviewing this film, and we hope you enjoy it, and all of the great segments on the whale of a show! Thanks for listening to and supporting our podcast!!

Episode Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, HellHunter, Dan of the Dead, Chris Excess and The Evil Druid! Segments by Malky Hughes, Levi Olson and The Emi1y!

Special Guests: Kristy Robinett, April Washko, Ashley Gray,Nadine L’Esperance, Spud, Katie Rots and Chris Robo!!

Links for Kristy Robinett (and make sure to watch her new show Restless Souls on Investigation Discovery!!):

The Restless Souls page on Investigation Discovery website.

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April’s Website

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Nadine’s Blue Girl Productions site

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Terror Troop 081: Found Footage

HellHunter rejoins the Troop this episode and we also welcome another 1/3 of the fantastic Horrorcopia Podcast, Jesse Bollinger, as we jump into a look at found footage!! This is an episode that pushed Willis to the limits of stamina! Lots of laughs with a great group!

To kick off this Monster of an episode, the gang discusses the results of the Famous Monsters of Filmland Monster Brawl 2013, which was won by GODZILLA! HellHunter then recommends all the Troopers out there watch Face Off, which if you haven’t seen it, is a competition between aspiring practical effects artists. Then we jump into the subject matter of the show, starting with a look at an ongoing web-series called Marble Hornets. For this episode, we look at the series first 20 entries of this found footage creepfest featuring internet creation: The Slender Man. Finally, we look at the movie that started a horror revolution, The Blair Witch Project. A lively discussion with many viewpoints follows which drove us deep into the night, and into dreamland for a certain Wildman we know. Enjoy the show!

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, HellHunter (!), Wildman Willis, Dan of the Dead, Chris Excess, Kelly Killbot, and Jesse Bollinger!

We recommend you subscribe to the Horrorcopia Podcast! Here is the link: http://www.horrorcopia.blogspot.com/

Troopers interested in the Famous Monsters of Filmland Monster Brawl 2013, Click HERE!

Click HERE to check out Marble Hornets.

The Blair Witch Project