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Another big Sunday show! We start the show off with an interview with actress Holly Fulger about her new project, Hollywood Beauty Detective. The series will examine beauty standards in different locations around the U.S. and the world! Then we get into our featured film, a movie from 2004 called Half-Caste! Will the Troopers like it, or is it a turkey? Listen and find out! We also touch on the new trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie and the current happenings in the WWE.

Links for Holly Fulger and Hollywood Beauty Detective:

The Hollywood Beauty Detective Fundly page

Holly Fulger on Twitter

The Hollywood Beauty Detective on Facebook

Movie Link:


Terror Troop 158: Tarot Tuesday 6

It’s that time again! Tarot Tuesday with April Washko! April draws 4 cards for you, and the discussion covers everything from avoiding cults to Fabio’s tragic rollercoaster injury! Fun and often random discussion that is all over the map, but entertaining and insightful! Jump in and escape the crummy cubicle!

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First up this week is an interview that is literally years in the making! Boss welcomes actor Casey Chapman, the star of Mother’s Milk! Casey has listened to the show for years as well, and the two talk horror films, and Mother’s Milk, as well as upcoming films! Then we’re back in the familiar waters here on Terror Troop! Into a trashy B movie called Blood Surf which by it’s very nature brings out some fun Troop discussion! You’ll learn about crocodiles, Reef Sharks, female pirates, and you’ll hear many of the slang terms for breasts. Including some you may not have heard before! Enjoy!

Links for Casey Chapman and Mother’s Milk:

Casey’s Facebook page

Casey on Twitter

Mother’s Milk on Twitter

Mother’s Milk Official Website

The Esemplatic Films Website

Movie Links:

Mother’s Milk

Blood Surf

Terror Troop 156: Tarot Tuesday 5

April is back for Tarot Tuesday! A three card reading is here to inspire and motivate you! Fun, brief discussion after each card is read will give you things to consider! Enjoy!

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Terror Troop 155: AWOL Napoleon Dynamite

It has been almost 50 episodes since the first AWOL episode, so we decided to look at a crazy film from 2004, Napoleon Dynamite! Willis talks about the brand new Star Wars comic, Boss briefly covers the recent theatrical release of The Wizard of Oz and then we get into this goofy film. Good times!

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Willis Wheeler, Kelly Killbot, Gary Hill and Chris Excess!

Movie Link:

Gary Hill’s podcasts:

The Bird and the Beard

Cinema Beef

Two Drink Minimum Commentaries

Kelly and Boss Butcher’s Found Footage Files

Terror Troop 154: Tarot Tuesday- Love and Stuff

April is back with her Angel Card deck for more advice, inspiration and encouragement for you! Boss Butcher and April cover tons of ground, as usual, but spend quite a bit of time discussing relationships toward the end. Enjoy the show!!

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Terror Troop 153: Beyond The Black Rainbow

Another avant garde film this week as we jump into 2010’s Beyond The Black Rainbow. Chris Excess and Horror Honey LC Fremont join Boss and Bloody Lizzy to discuss this visually and sonically striking film. Admittedly it’s not for everyone, but what did the group make of it? We invite you to check it out and compare your thoughts! Please note: The spoiler alert section of this show ends at around 52:40! 🙂

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Chris Excess and LC Fremont

And be sure to check out all of the cool stuff the lovely LC Fremont is up to!



And hear her, as the TV Honey on Horror Honeys Podcast

Movie Link:

Beyond The Black Rainbow

Terror Troop 152: Under The Skin

Malky Hughes joins Boss this episode to discuss a film that was shot where Malky lives, Glasgow! The film in question is the surreal Under The Skin starring Scarlett Johansson. We also discuss New Years stuff, beer, whiskey and more!

Movie Link:

Under The Skin

Terror Troop 151: Tarot Tuesday, Philosophising, Indigo Children

April is back with another Angel Card reading for everyone! see if it speaks to you! We also have a ton of conversations on many topics! Everything from chasing your dreams, to ghosts to Indigo Children and on and on! Let us keep you company and maybe even inspire you a bit!

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Terror Troop 150: Oculus

We’ve hit a bit of a milestone as we release our 150th show! In our first movie review show of 2015, we look at one of the best from 2014! The film is Oculus from WWE Studios. Willis Wheeler throws down a review of the XBox ONE and compares the system to the Playstation 4. We also watched and review a short film called 6-6-66 by Hilton Ariel Ruiz. Check out the video below!

Show lineup: Boss Butcher, Willis Wheeler, Dan of the Dead and Kelly Killbot!

Check out the 6-6-66 Facebook page!

Follow Director Hilton Ariel Ruiz on Twitter!

Watch 6-6-66!

6-6-66 from Hilton Ariel Ruiz on Vimeo.

Movie Link:


Terror Troop 149: Ghosty

Boss and April Washko have a fun discussion about ghosts, spirits, spiritual encounters and intuition. Thought provoking concepts we have touched on before, but we go in a bit of a different direction and have fun on this wandering road of topics!

April Washko’s Links:

April’s Website

April’s IMDB Page

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Terror Troop 148: Spiders

An episode spent doing what we do best: talking about giant alien spiders! The film is Spiders (2013) and on board to kick it around are Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Willis Wheeler, Kelly Killbot, Dan of the Dead and Gary Hill! We start the show off by catching up a bit, then into a discussion of the alleged North Korea Sony hack, then full speed into the movie review! Enjoy!

Gary Hill’s podcasts:

The Bird and the Beard

Cinema Beef

Two Drink Minimum Commentaries

Kelly and Boss Butcher’s Found Footage Files

Movie Link:


Terror Troop 147: Indie Film Showcase!

We dedicate our show this week to the world of Indie Films! We start off the show with Director Jeremiah Kipp. He and Boss Butcher have a fun conversation covering a variety of topics and Jeremiah’s incredible short films, Berenice, Painkiller, and Minions.

After Willis brings us the news, Boss reviews recent release, and award winning festival film Mother’s Milk and Willis joins in to review Revelation Trail, a zombie western!

Links for Jeremiah Kipp:

Kipp Films website

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Buy the Creepers horror anthology on Blu Ray here! (includes Jeremiah’s film Berenice)

Mother’s Milk website

Mother’s Milk Facebook page

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Revelation Trail Links:

Revelation Trail website

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Enjoy April’s Holiday Video mentioned on the show:

Terror Troop 146: Jack Frost

The British hosts, Emily and Malky are back and join Boss for a look at Jack Frost (1997). It was fun to catch back up and we cover a myriad of topics including a man who built his own castle behind a fortress of haybales! Kick back and enjoy some time with your buds on Terror Troop!

Here is a link to the news story of the man who built his own castle!

Movie link:

Jack Frost

Terror Troop 145: Extreme Horror Writer Tim Miller

This episode we talk to one of the most popular authors of Extreme Horror fiction, Tim Miller! Tim’s books aren’t for the faint of heart, but you can hear straight from Tim himself the things that inspire him, his take on horror film, and how he has been able to live his dream! I had a lot of fun getting to know this interesting writer! Be sure to check out his books using the links below!

Links For Tim Miller:

Tim’s Amazon Author page

Tim Miller on Twitter

And be sure to check out all of the cool stuff the lovely LC Fremont is up to!



And hear her, as the TV Honey on Horror Honeys Podcast

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The Emily is back!!! It has been too long, but we make up for lost time with a bit of catching up in the beginning of the show, then a doc talk segment with always awesome April Washko as she and Boss take a look at the documentary Kidnapped For Christ (2013). We end the show with a fun review of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy! Enjoy this fun work week episode!

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Here are more of April’s reactions to Kidnapped For Christ:

Recent appearances by The Emily on other podcasts!

First Time Watchers Podcast 138: The Babadook

Two Drink Minimum Commentaries: Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box

Terror Troop 143: Fear and Prosper

Boss and Willis review Prosper, a new film from director Deronte Smith, who was our guest back on episode 123. Also Boss reviews a short film called Fear by director Steve Kahn. Check out the Trailer below!

Links for Deronte Smith and Prosper plus the trailer:

Solaris Filmwerks

Prosper The Movie Facebook Page

Prosper on IMDB

Deronte on Twitter

The Trailer for Fear:

Terror Troop 142: Angel Card Reading & An Unexpected Guest

April busts out the Angel Tarot card deck and does a Celtic Cross reading for the listeners. See if it speaks to you! While doing the reading, April encounters an unexpected guest, and we finish with a sobering discussion of suicide. Enjoy and open your ears!

If you are feeling suicidal call for help, please: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Terror Troop 141: Altered

We look at an alien abduction revenge flick this time out. It is 2006’s Altered by director Eduardo Sanchez and writer Jamie Nash. Boss is joined by Bloody Lizzy, Willis Wheeler and Kelly Killbot for this short, but fun episode!

Movie Link:


Terror Troop 140: Malky, Boss and Tucker & Dale

Evil doesn’t stand a chance this time! Our Scottish Trooper, Malky Hughes helps Boss Butcher knock a film off of his List Of Shame. We look at the incredible Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil from 2010! We also briefly discuss our Movie Lists Of Shame, and also jump into discussions of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and John Dies At The End. Plus, Willis Wheeler brings The News!

Movie Links:

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

John Dies At The End

Terror Troop 139: Doc Talk- Lost For Life

Enjoy this fun episode featuring Boss Butcher and April Washko! We cover a lot of ground but the main focus is the 2013 documentary Lost For Life, a look at juveniles convicted of murderers who are serving life sentences, and whether or not release is ever warranted. Before that is some fun conversation about an old news story about Lawnchair Larry, Balloon Boy and some attempts at singing! Plus an added bonus of a Tarot Tuesday Angel card reading by April! Perfect company for your commute or workday!


Here is the photo April took of the cards during the reading. Visit April’s Website!



Netflix link for Lost For Life

Terror Troop 138: Pig Hunt with Spud and Nadine

Boss revisits awesome creature feature Pig Hunt (2008) with good friends Nadine L’Esperance (director No Pets Allowed) and Spud (founding member of the Dayglo Abortions) . A fun discussion of Nadine’s festival awards and hijinks, vanilla beer and Crown Royal. Enjoy with a beer!

Nadine’s Links:

Nadine’s Blue Girl Productions site

Nadines’s you Tube

Nadine’s Twitter

Movie Link:

Pig Hunt

Terror Troop 137: Tarot Tuesday!

April is starting something new for everyone! Based on how much Boss Butcher enjoys the Angel Card readings she does, she is doing a one card draw from the Angel Deck to give inspiration to any and all! This episode is the place from which it grew. We sat down for a reading, they internet dropped at a key moment, static electricity and more drops interupted the podcast and took the conversation all over the map, from laughs, affirmation and self improvement. And More! Then we picked up the reading again at a later date and made it a episode that will hopefully keep you company at work or on your commute! Enjoy some quality time with your friends, Boss and April!

Terror Troop 136: Invaders From Mars with Tony Tale and Ashley Gray

Our good friends Tony Tale and Ashley Gray join us this week to look at a Science Fiction classic, Invaders From Mars (1953). We had a blast talking about this film and getting caught up on the hilarious world of Tony Tale!

Tony Tale’s Links

Follow the Hilarity on The Tony Tale Show (You Tube Channel)

Tony on Twitter

Tony’s Facebook

Ashley Gray’s Links:

Hey, It’s Ashley Gray (You Tube)


Ashley’s Twitter

Ashley on Instagram

Check out Wicked City Girls here! Wicked City

The Tony Tale Show on You Tube

Watch Tony Tale’s Papers 8: Walking Papers!

Movie Link:

Invaders From Mars

Terror Troop 135: Faces Director Tom Ryan, Mr. Charlie Gets Married and News!

Boss Butcher sits down with Tom Ryan, the director of a new film called Faces. We cover quite a bit of ground getting to know this multi-talented guy! Then Boss and April kick around the report that Charles Manson will soon be tying the knot with a 26 year old delusional woman. We discuss some interesting ideas for Charlie-related television programming, and Willis brings us some news!

Here is Tom Ryan’s Faces trailer:

and his short film Day 9:

Check out the Theatre of Terror Facebook page