Terror Troop 149: Ghosty

Boss and April Washko have a fun discussion about ghosts, spirits, spiritual encounters and intuition. Thought provoking concepts we have touched on before, but we go in a bit of a different direction and have fun on this wandering road of topics!

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Terror Troop 097: Quality Time

Like a shot of whiskey, the Troop is distilled down to the hard stuff this episode. Boss, Lizzy and Willis take a look at a fairly recent DVD/BluRay release, Primitive starring Reggie Bannister. Discussions cover video games, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and more. In an extended segment, Boss and Lizzy sit down with good friend, actress April Washko, to pick up where we left off on Episode 091. April brings the passion in a lively discussion of the 2013 film Stoker, more ghosts, shadow people, and past lives. Enjoy the show!

Show lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, and Wildman Willis! Special Guest- April Washko!

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