Terror Troop 123: Dentistry and The Dark Crystal

Another action-packed episode this week! We start off with our friend, Nikita Breznikov, who stops by to get the word out on his new movie Brush With Danger. Nikita also discusses more topics later in the show! Next Willis and Boss Butcher talk with director Deronte Smith about his new film Prosper. Then the Troopers all gather with special guest One Sick Puppy from the Dead As Hell Horror Podcast to discuss The Dark Crystal!

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher,Bloody Lizzy, Willis Wheeler,Chris Excess, Malky Hughes, Gary Hill and Special Guest host One Sick Puppy. Guests: Nikita Breznikov and Deronte Smith.

Links for Nikita and Brush With Danger plus the trailer:

Brush With Danger Website

Brush With Danger on IMDB

Brush With Danger on Twitter

Brush With Danger Facebook Page

Nikita Breznikov on Twitter

Links for Deronte Smith and Prosper plus the trailer:

Solaris Filmwerks

Prosper The Movie Facebook Page

Prosper on IMDB

Deronte on Twitter

Movie Link:

The Dark Crystal

Terror Troop 071: Gator Country

We are glad to share this fun episode with you this week! We are joined for the first time for a whole episode by our friend Kelly Killbot as we examine Alligator (1980) and Alligator X (2010)!! One is an old school creature feature, the other a cgi fest of the modern era! Between these two films you’ll find a great interview Boss, Willis and Dan of the Dead did with Sonya Thompson! Sonya is known best as one of the most visible zombies from the hit show on AMC, The Walking Dead and her work in Zombieland! As you’ll learn, she has many exciting projects she is involved in and has written a book: I Am Zombie, Hear Me Roar!. She talks about her experiences being a professional zombie, her other films and more! Enjoy!

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, Chris Excess and Kelly Killbot! Special Guest interview with Professional Zombie, Sonya Thompson!!

Sonya Thompson’s links:

Sonya’s Professional Zombie Site

Sonya’s Facebook Page

Buy Sonya’s EBook: I Am Zombie, Hear Me Roar!

Here is the trailer of Prosper, which was mentioned in the interview:

Kelly Killbot’s Twitter

Movie Links:


Alligator X