Terror Troop 211: Tarot Tuesday 29

We start right off with April’s big news about teaming up with Curt Pennington for upcoming horror greatness! We are joined by a handful of viewers on our first foray into Periscope! Then it is into a three cards drawing that sparks lengthy discussions about suicide, encouraging people who are chasing their dreams and doing it your own way! Be sure to check out all of the links to Something Cunning Entertainment listed below!

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Here is the 20 second clip from Curt Pennington and Something Cunning Entertainment for you to check out:

Here is April’s Inspiring video of the week!

Terror Troop 142: Angel Card Reading & An Unexpected Guest

April busts out the Angel Tarot card deck and does a Celtic Cross reading for the listeners. See if it speaks to you! While doing the reading, April encounters an unexpected guest, and we finish with a sobering discussion of suicide. Enjoy and open your ears!

If you are feeling suicidal call for help, please: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)