Terror Troop 162: Tarot Tuesday 7

We’re back with another Tarot Tuesday show after a 2 week break! This time we’re answering your questions and April draws cards for the concerns of a couple listeners and we discuss the results and what got us into podcasting and other endeavors! Thanks for the questions and communication, listeners!

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Terror Troop 158: Tarot Tuesday 6

It’s that time again! Tarot Tuesday with April Washko! April draws 4 cards for you, and the discussion covers everything from avoiding cults to Fabio’s tragic rollercoaster injury! Fun and often random discussion that is all over the map, but entertaining and insightful! Jump in and escape the crummy cubicle!

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Terror Troop 156: Tarot Tuesday 5

April is back for Tarot Tuesday! A three card reading is here to inspire and motivate you! Fun, brief discussion after each card is read will give you things to consider! Enjoy!

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Terror Troop 154: Tarot Tuesday- Love and Stuff

April is back with her Angel Card deck for more advice, inspiration and encouragement for you! Boss Butcher and April cover tons of ground, as usual, but spend quite a bit of time discussing relationships toward the end. Enjoy the show!!

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Terror Troop 151: Tarot Tuesday, Philosophising, Indigo Children

April is back with another Angel Card reading for everyone! see if it speaks to you! We also have a ton of conversations on many topics! Everything from chasing your dreams, to ghosts to Indigo Children and on and on! Let us keep you company and maybe even inspire you a bit!

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Terror Troop 142: Angel Card Reading & An Unexpected Guest

April busts out the Angel Tarot card deck and does a Celtic Cross reading for the listeners. See if it speaks to you! While doing the reading, April encounters an unexpected guest, and we finish with a sobering discussion of suicide. Enjoy and open your ears!

If you are feeling suicidal call for help, please: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Terror Troop 139: Doc Talk- Lost For Life

Enjoy this fun episode featuring Boss Butcher and April Washko! We cover a lot of ground but the main focus is the 2013 documentary Lost For Life, a look at juveniles convicted of murderers who are serving life sentences, and whether or not release is ever warranted. Before that is some fun conversation about an old news story about Lawnchair Larry, Balloon Boy and some attempts at singing! Plus an added bonus of a Tarot Tuesday Angel card reading by April! Perfect company for your commute or workday!


Here is the photo April took of the cards during the reading. Visit April’s Website!



Netflix link for Lost For Life

Terror Troop 137: Tarot Tuesday!

April is starting something new for everyone! Based on how much Boss Butcher enjoys the Angel Card readings she does, she is doing a one card draw from the Angel Deck to give inspiration to any and all! This episode is the place from which it grew. We sat down for a reading, they internet dropped at a key moment, static electricity and more drops interupted the podcast and took the conversation all over the map, from laughs, affirmation and self improvement. And More! Then we picked up the reading again at a later date and made it a episode that will hopefully keep you company at work or on your commute! Enjoy some quality time with your friends, Boss and April!