Terror Troop 078: Flush The Toilet, Lose A Kidney

Stuart Baulk, host of the Midnight Movie Cowboys Podcast joins us this time out with a couple of flicks featuring driving rock soundtracks! We had a blast looking at these two 80s Rockin’ movies, starting with Trick Or Treat from 1986 (which features appearances from Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons), and finishing with Wes Craven’s Shocker (1988). Toward the end, things take a bizarre turn and Emily shares a real life horror story involving British Rail toilets and a kidney, and the rest is history! Listen and enjoy! 😛

Episode Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, The Emi1y, Dan of the Dead, Chris Excess and Kelly Killbot!! Special Guest Host and Hell Of A Guy- Stuart Baulk!!

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