Terror Troop 132: Ashley Gray and Nightcrawler review with LC Fremont

Fun little episode this time out as Boss Butcher catches up with our good friend, actress Ashley Gray! Ashley fills us in on her recent projects like the grand finale of Tony Tale’s Papers series and her upcoming appearance in the digital series Wicked City Girls, plus other tidbits. Always fun to sit down with Ashley!

Next, writer LC Fremont joins Boss to recommend the new movie Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal. We both recommend you go see it, STAT! You can read LC Fremont’s review here as well: http://moviepilot.com

Ashley Gray’s Links:

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Check out Wicked City Girls here! Wicked City Girls.com

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Read LC Fremont online!

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And hear her, as the TV Honey on Horror Honeys Podcast