Terror Troop 230: Zombi

As 2015 closes, Dan of the Dead returns to help us shake off our “zombie-fatigue” as we look at one of the best zombie films of all time, Fulci’s Zombie (1979). Willis, Dan and Boss have a blast discussing this classic film. Ring in the New Year with us, and have a great 2016!! See you in February!

Movie Link:

Zombie 2

Terror Troop 102: Mega Shark, A 300 Pound Killer and Dawn of the Dead

Well, we had to watch something, let’s say, challenging, given the good flicks we’ve been checking out. We jump the shark and watch the 3rd in a series of Mega Shark Movies: Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark! In our segments, The Unknown Murderer aka Levi Olson is back and has struck 1975 Grindhouse Gold with Criminally Insane!! Malky Hughes checks in and breaks down the remake of Dawn of the Dead (2004) with Boss Butcher!!! Enjoy this short, but sweet little episode! Thanks for listening!

Here is a link to The Upper Footage, the found footage movie Boss Butcher talked about early in the show: The Upper Footage VOD

Episode Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy and Wildman Willis Wheeler! Segment Troopers: The Unknown Murderer, Levi Olson and Malky Hughes!

Movie Links:

Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark

Criminally Insane

Dawn of the Dead

Terror Troop 085: Grab Bag!

Merry Christmas, Troopers! We bring you our 85th episode, and we hope it gives you a few laughs, and some stuff to check out in the coming weeks! We look at an Irish film from this year called Grabbers. A movie seemingly tailor-made for the Terror Troop Podcast. A creature feature that requires drinking alcohol as a means of survival! Also included are segments by Dan of the Dead (debuting his new “Dead and Loving It” segment) and Chris Excess which will encourage a look at Hammer zombies (Plague of the Zombies , 1966) and a documentary on radical body modification (Modify, 2005) So kick back, get ready, and enjoy the variety of this crazy episode!

Show lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy,Wildman Willis Wheeler, Dan of the Dead, Kelly Killbot and Jesse (The Evil Druid)! Segments- Dan of the Dead and Chris Excess!

Movie Links:


Plague of the Zombies