Terror Troop 042: We’re Not Going To Put Rape In The Title…

Welcome to the other side!!! We have migrated to our own domain here at TerrorTroop.com and are excited to present the 42nd episode of our little podcast! Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, and Wildman Willis are joined by Dan of The Dead from Queensland, Australia and The Emily, Emily Wood from England as we look at two flicks about interpecies procreation!

We kick it off with a couple of Bigfoot movies: Bigfoot (2012) and Night Claws(2012), then delve into these two weird movies. First it’s 1980’s Humanoids From The Deep followed by Breeders (1986). We really had a great time recording this episode, and we hope you enjoy our efforts!

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  1. where be subscribor? i cant fine it?

  2. Hey guys,

    Its great that you have not skipped a beat and kept going but I think you need to watch some good movies for the sake of your sanity 🙂

  3. Hey all,

    Just finished listening. Of the movies covered/mentioned I’ve only seen Bigfoot. I actually enjoyed it for what it was. What it was being an inane and ridiculous what.. 80-something minutes or so.

    I’ll definitely be watching Humanoids from the Deep soon. I saw the trailer (from what I remember there’s a lot of someone saying HUMANOIDS… FROM THE DEEP in a deep voice) on the dvd of the original Piranha and yeah, looks like fun. I always like Corman movies. It’s so cool that he’s still churning them out.

    I’ll be sure to avoid Breeders, Amityville Haunting and that porn star tickling one ha.. As for me I look at best/worst completely subjectively, so my somewhat controversial worst movie ever (yes, this is the proverbial yardstick) is House of the Devil. A bit of setup, girl walks through house for about an hour, a couple “shock” bits at the end. Wondering what you guys think of that one..

    Well, this is a long enough comment. Will talk to you all on Twitter anyway.

  4. me.hutch- We will have subscription buttons up soon! If you have iTunes you can already subscribe there, just look for us in the store and search for Terror Troop! Thank you for your interest!

    Vengeful Sloth- We definitely need to add a few more top notch ones in, but we do love garbage! Thanks for your continued support, sir!

    Some Guy- Thanks for the great comments! I am the same way about subjectivity, however, I really liked House of the Devil. However, Ti West’s next movie, The Inkeepers left me cold. Thanks for listening and following us over!

  5. So thrilled to have another episode to listen to! You guys put out an awesome show, and I can’t wait to hear it. Just subscribed on iTunes as well.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Thanks Dr.Shock! I can’t wait to hear what you think of our efforts! Your support is very much appreciated!

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