Terror Troop 043: Snakes

Welcome to our 43rd episode! We jump into a couple of snake movies! We start off with Snakes On A Train from 2006, and go back in time to look at Sssssss from 1973, featuring Dirk Benedict of Battle Star Galactica.
In our recommendation segment, we review a Terror Troop on Patrol movie: Mama, (produced by Guillermo Del Toro). Listen to our take on this creepy ghost movie, and check it out in the theater!

We hope you enjoy our 2nd episode on TerrorTroop.com !!!

I also have to thank Jason Pyles (known to many as Jay of the Dead) for all the help he gave us to bring Terror Troop to the people! Please check out his awesome podcast here: Movie Podcast Weekly

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Snakes On A Train

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  1. That was a fun show guys. I very nearly rented Snakes on a Train once by accident while going to rent Snakes on a Plane. This is of course Aslyum’s strategy but I avoided it.Mama is not out in the UK but I shall see it when it arrives.

    How do you find the movies you review? Ssssss seems like a leftfield choice.

  2. Vengeful Sloth- Glad you liked it! Well, we usually have a meeting and kick around ideas. The movies we pick are generally based on some sort of theme, whether a type of movie or subject matter, etc. Then we bounce movies off of each other, and find out about their availability. The movie Sssssss was one I had seen as a young kid, and then I spotted it on Netflix when we were talking about doing a snake episode. Thanks as always for listening and commenting!

  3. Vengeful Sloth- So happy to see you on the ‘other side’ with us! Glad you enjoyed our Slyveran episode. 🙂

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