Terror Troop 047: Alien Invasions with Donald Sutherland

Most of the lineup is back for this episode as The Emily and Dan of the Dead rejoin Boss, Lizzy and Wildman Willis! We look at a couple of alien invasion movies starring the great Donald Sutherland this time out, starting off with the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and closing with The Puppet Masters (1994). Fun discussions of these two movies show some of the differences in our personal tastes!

Bonus reviews include Willis’ take on The ABCs of Death, and Boss reviews Dark Skies. Also Lizzy suggest you all listen to The No Sleep Podcast

Links for the movies!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The Puppet Masters

The ABCs Of Death (Pre-order for release in USA on 5/7)

Dark Skies (pre-order, date undetermined)

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  1. Hey guys that was a fun episode.

    I loved the ABC’s of Death, obviously some segments are weaker than others but overall it was a blast. Each dircetor was given £5,000, a letter and 4 minutes screen time and what they come up with is pretty special. There are also some English directors amongst the 26 including my favourite sections T and O (I think, its hard to keep track). Boss Adam Wingard directs Q which is memorable as well.

    Lizzy I second your Scully love, and their is a little known British film called Straightheads in which she sheds clothes. It’s not the best of films but its worth a watch. I got the blu-ray for £3 so at least its cheap.

  2. So glad you enjoyed the show Vengeful Sloth! I still haven’t punched up ABCs of Death yet, but will soon. Looking forward to it! Thanks as always for your comments and for all the support!

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