Terror Troop 048: Psycho Thrillers

Alright, Thrillseekers, we have a couple of thrillers involving psycho killers in this week’s Terror Troop show! Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis and The Emily join Boss to look at Hannibal from 2001, and American Psycho (2000). Discussions end up all over the map as we examine these two good movies.

Also included, Boss Butcher gives a strong recommendation to John Dies At The End, by Don Coscarelli. Hear why!

Here are the links:


American Psycho

John Dies At The End (Pre-order for April 2)

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  1. Another top notch episode guys even though I’m not massive fan of the films discussed, however *spolier* the chainsaw kill in American Psycho is amazing.

    I am a massive fan of Silence of The Lambs as well. Lizzy Hannibal Rising is definitely not worth checking out. They run Lecter into the ground and you will just be disappointed.

  2. Thanks so much Vengeful Sloth! Glad you liked it! Hope you are up for some Sci Fi next episode. We are going to do our first Sci Fi Special!

  3. Check out this short by Vanishing Point! Pretty cool!

    The Snow Man from Vanishing Point on Vimeo.

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