Terror Troop 049: Sci Fi Special

For the first time ever, we are reviewing two Science Fiction films on Terror Troop. First however, a bit of Horror as The Emily recommends the Twisted Twins’ American Mary! Then come two movies that you science fiction fans will appreciate: Moon, starring Sam Rockwell from 2009 followed by Sunshine (2007) with a larger, but just as impressive a cast! See where each of the Troopers fall on these two films!

Something New: Episode Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis and The Emily

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American Mary (Pre-order US Release 6/18)



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  1. Hey guys another fantastic episode. I love sci fi and I adore Moon, it’s such a beautiful film. The performances are brilliant I love Gerty and the superb miniature models they used for the rovers. To me it is close to perfect.

    I’ve only seen Sunshine once and I remember loving half of it then thinking i turned it to an Event Horizon rip off very suddenly. I’d like to see it again but I was disappointed with it first time round.

    Thanks for the mentions and I like Emily love American Mary I’ve seen it twice now and its superb. Here is a picture of me looking super creepy with the Soska Sisters and Katharine Isabelle http://www.flickr.com/photos/malky44/8586956508/in/photostream/lightbox/ I was pretty starstruck

  2. Very nice, Malky! I would love to hear your thoughts, if you happen to watch Sunshine again, though I could definitely understand your feelings from the first viewing. Thanks for contributing to the ongoing discussion! We need to Skype again soon!

  3. Sure thing if you see me online during the weekend give me a bell.

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