Terror Troop 052: Witches

To get ready for Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem we take a look at a couple of witch movies this episode! Joining the Troop this time out is Jay of the Dead! First up on the show we have a Bigfoot Bonanza with special guest Christopher B. Milton from Bigfoot Huntin’ for a look at Dear God, No! The show rolls on from there as we break down Wake The Witch (2010) and a thinly veiled skin-flick Virgin Witch from 1972. See what each of us though of these two movies!

Lineup for this episode: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis and Special Guests-Jay of the Dead and Christopher B. Milton

Show links:

Jay’s Movie Podcast Weekly

Chris’s Bigfoot Huntin’ You Tube Channel and website

Movie Links:

Dear God, No!

Wake the Witch

Virgin Witch

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  1. As usual guys it was an excellent episode but you missed a trick by not reviewing The Witches, its terrifying despite being a kids film. I’d say that is my favourite witch film although I would like to see Lords of Salem again, as its kind of weird and I was kind of drunk when I saw it.

  2. Vengeful Sloth- Thanks a bunch! I think we’ll probably revisit the theme again, as both of these ones were duds. Looking forward to Lords of Salem, but it is kind of looking like a more limited release than Evil Dead. I have to look for a theater showing it.

  3. Good show, I am sure Lords of Salem is much better than theses two movies. 🙂 Glad you all have your podcast going after the last web site stopped doing horror podcasts. Can’t wait until the next show.

  4. Deuce! How have you been?!?! I have by now seen Lords of Salem, and well… I think you’ll be surprised with what my take is! I will be of course sharing what I thought on an upcoming episode! Thank you for continuing to listen, and glad you stopped by!

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