Terror Troop 055: Science Gone Wrong

Twisted tales of science gone wrong are at the center of this episode! We also have a couple other reviews to start the show off! First, Boss Butcher recommends Hayride, a new flick from Midnight Releasing, then the beatings commence as Boss, Bloody Lizzy and The Emily voice their varying displeasure with The Lords of Salem. There is also a little TV party featuring Boss and Wildman Willis talking about Hannibal, Bates Motel and Hemlock Grove.

Then it’s on to the feature as we go into the lab and dissect Splice (2009) and the 1986 film, The Fly. Also in this episode, we invite you to check out The Emily’s handiwork on the Terror Troop Tumblr!

Lineup for Episode 55: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Dan of The Dead, The Emily and Wildman Willis!

Link for Midnight Releasing’s Hayride

The Lords of Salem


The Fly

The New Exciting Terror Troop Tumblr Page

Bloody Lizzy’s Kickstarter is now LIVE! How To Destroy Civilization!

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  1. Vengeful Sloth

    Hey guys, I really think you should watch Lords of Salem again. First time I saw it I was unsure of how it made me feel, I have literally just finished watching it for the second time and wow what a film. It’s all about the score, if you can listen to it with a good sound system please do. It is now my favourite Rob Zombie film, although I was never a massive fan but I do enjoy Halloween 2, Super El Beasto and the Devils Rejects

    The Fly is a stone cold classic no argument here, but Splice is just messed up. The first commandment of scientists should be “Never stick your dick in something you create” its just common sense,

    • Totally agree about Splice, not sure I would watch Lords of Salem again unless someone wanted to pay me to do it!!

      Thanks for listening 🙂

  2. Vengeful Sloth- Totally agree with your advice for scientists! LOL! Boy I sure don’t know about watching Lords of Salem again! At the present time, I might be willing to watch selected parts including the witch parts and the end, but my God, I thought the rest was a laugher. Maybe I’ll see it at a later date, but I don’t know. Also, one note, I did see it in a fully equipped theater, and it did sound great. No argument there.

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