Terror Troop 057: Zombie Picks by Dan of the Dead

We turned loose Dan of the Dead this time out to pick some Zombie flicks for us! See if he gets us back from our “Zombie Fatigue” with his selections! These selections are Colin (2006), an independent movie made for $70 (!!), and French zombie film The Horde from 2009. During the midway point of our zombie discussions, Boss Butcher and Wildman Willis are joined by very special guest, actress Ashley Gray! We are confident as you listen to this segment, you will see why we are so impressed by this lovely, friendly and down to earth actress! Be sure to check the links below to see her You Tube Channel, as well as The Tony Tale Show, which Ashley performs in!

Exciting news from Mexico this time out, as we are joined by Chris Excess for his debut on Terror Troop! Boss Butcher and Chris get into highlights from the Golden Gods Awards show, which is basically the Heavy Metal Grammys! Have fun getting to know this passionate and enthusiastic dude from our (in the US, anyway) neighbor to the South! Hola, Mexico! El Terror Tropa te saluda!

Show Lineup: Special Guest, actress Ashley Gray, Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, Dan of the Dead and Chris Excess!

Links for Special Guest, Ashley Gray!

Hey, It’s Ashley Gray! You Tube

Ashley’s website!

Ashley’s IMDB page

The Tony Tale Show (You Tube)

Bloddy Lizzy’s Kickstarter Page!

Movie Links:


The Horde

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