Terror Troop 059: Swords and Sorcery Special plus Special Guest Marc Zicree

This is a special episode, folks! We look at a couple of old-school Swords and Sorcery flicks this time out, starting off with Frank Frazetta’s Fire and Ice from 1983, and finishing with Don Coscarelli’s The BeastMaster (1982)! Nestled in between is an inspirational interview with Hollywood Writer & Producer Marc Zicree! Marc talks about his body of work including a spectacular book, The Twilight Zone Companion, an upcoming book with Guillermo del Toro called Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, and his exciting new Science Fiction series Space Command!

The Troopers also talk about the first volley in the upcoming video game console wars, the XBox One. It’s pretty much a merciless pounding of what is shaping up to be a greed machine, you won’t want to miss it! We hope you enjoy the episode and that those of you interested in making movies or really anything creative, are inspired by Mr. Zicree! Never give up!

Episode Lineup! Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, Dan of the Dead, the return of The Emily and very Special Guest, Marc Zicree!

Marc Zicree’s links!

Space Command Movie

The Space Command Facebook Page & Twitter

Marc’s Star Trek Episode with George Takei “World Enough and Time”

MarcZicree.com for information on Marc’s Supermentors Program

Purchase The Twilight Zone Companion!

Movie Links

Fire and Ice

The BeastMaster

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  1. hi Boss

    Long time fan but sort of lost touch for a bit but came back for the Swords and Sorcery show and it was epci. Well done to all. Anyway saw this trailer and thought of you


    erik estrada versus Chupacabra

    how awesome is that

  2. Gerdywerdy! It’s been a while! Glad you’re back and thanks for sharing the clip! That looks like a flick that is right up our alley!

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