Terror Troop 063: Japanese Monsters 2

We have one monster of an episode for you this time, with a bunch of guests and a look at Japanese Monster movies! We are joined by our friend, actress Ashley Gray and Actor/Comedian Tony Tale as we have a blast talking about two classic Japanese monster movies: Mothra from 1961 and Monster Zero from 1965. It was Ashley’s first time watching the Toho monsters battling it out, so you won’t want to miss it! Another awesome part of the show features an interview with film maker Nadine L’Esperance and the lead actress of her new short No Pets Allowed, Samantha Mack. You can watch the full trailer for this upcoming short below:

Episode Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, The Emily, Dan of the Dead. Special Guest Co-hosts Ashley Gray and Tony Tale and special guests Nadine L’Esperance and Samantha Mack.

The Links!

Ashley Gray

Hey, It’s Ashley Gray (You Tube)

Ashley Gray.com

Ashley’s Twitter

Nadine L’Esperance

Nadine’s Blue Girl Productions site

Nadines’s you Tube

Nadine’s Twitter

Samantha Mack

The Real Samantha Mack site

Samantha Mack on Twitter

Below you can watch Samantha’s entertaining short Boink that she discussed in the interview:

Tony Tale

Follow the Hilarity on The Tony Tale Show (You Tube Channel)

Tony on Twitter

Tony’s Facebook

Movie Links


Monster Zero

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