Terror Troop 065: The Emily Episode

The Emily is the star of this episode as we look at two British films hand picked by our British co-host as well as her first interview! We open up with a few random picks. Emily recommends Retreat (2011), Willis enjoyed The Hills Have Eyes (2006) and Boss suggests you watch the film making documentary American Movie from 1999.

Following that, it’s headlong into Dog Soldiers from 2002 then into Emily’s interview with Director Stuart Urban, who discusses his upcoming release (already out in England) May I Kill U? . We finish up the episode with a discussion of Doghouse (2009), the Zombie comedy featuring a group of men on a getaway chased by bloodthirsty female zombies!

Show line up: Boss Butcher, The Emily, Dan of the Dead and Wildman Willis! Guest interview with Stuart Urban.

Movie Links:


The Hills Have Eyes

American Movie

Dog Soldiers


Stuart Urban Links:

May I Kill U? (See Trailer Below!)

Preaching To The Perverted

May I Kill U? Facebook Page

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  1. Excellent show guys and two very good movies. I love Dog Soldiers and the exchanges between the soldiers are so funny.

    Have you guys seen Severance? Its kind of along the same lines as Dog House. It’s also very funny and features Danny Dire who plays a naughty geezer, for a change.

  2. Vengeful Sloth- I personally have not seen Severance. Just checked the IMDB and it looks good! Glad you liked the episode! Thanks so much!

  3. Guys! What’s up?! Listened for the first time in a while. Sorry about that. I love Bloody Lizzy, she was missed, but you’re all great. I’m curious, have any of you seen Pontypool? Have you covered it?

  4. Hey Jeff! I have seen Pontypool and I loved it! We have never covered it on Terror Troop, but Lizzy and I covered on BillChete’s short-lived Horror Jungle Podcast. Pretty sure Lizzy liked it alot as well.

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