Terror Troop 067: Shark Week 2013

In our second annual Shark Week celebration, we of course take a look at the phenomenon that is Sharknado (I mean, how could we resist?), then we dare to jump into MegaShark vs. Crocosaurus (2010)! Then to take the plunge one more time it’s a look at Shark Attack in the Mediterranean (2002, it says 2004 on Netlfix)! To wrap things up Chris Excess does a full review of the chilling video game Fatal Frame with Bloody Lizzy and Boss. We hope you have fun with our new shark episode!

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, The Emi1y and Chris Excess!

Movie Links:

Sharknado (September 3, 2013 Pre-order!!)

Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus

Shark Attack in the Mediterranean

Fatal Frame

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