Terror Troop 068: The Dark Army

The Troop is joined by three awesome guests this time out: GregaMortis from the Land of the Creeps podcast, Actress Ashley Gray and Actor/Comedian Tony Tale! We look at two war related horror flicks, namely Deathwatch (2002) and War of the Dead from 2011. We hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording it!

Episode Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloddy Lizzy and Wildman Willis! Special Guests GregaMortis, Ashley Gray and Tony Tale!

GregaMortis’ Links:

Land of the Creeps

Land of the Creeps FaceBook and Twitter

Greg’s FaceBook and Twitter

Ashley Gray’s Links:

Hey, It’s Ashley Gray (You Tube)

Ashley Gray.com

Ashley’s Twitter

Tony Tale’s Links

Follow the Hilarity on The Tony Tale Show (You Tube Channel)

Tony on Twitter

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The Movies:


War of the Dead

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  1. Another brilliant episode guys. Personally I loved Deathwatch but really did not care for War of the Dead at all but I was very tired and drunk when I watched it.

    Liz please let us know what you thought of Frankenstein’s Army since they are showing it at this years Frightfest. I’ve seen a still of a monster and it looks pretty awesome, like Edward Scissor hands gone very wrong.

  2. Glad you liked it! Liz and I were split on Frankenstein’s Army, I’ll let her tell you what she thought of it. I did like the monsters. They were cool, and I actually watched another 1 1/2 times since my video review and I’d probably add another half point to my rating because it was more enjoyable to watch with a friend.

  3. Have you posted that video review yet? if so where?

  4. Here you go, sir! I have a little You Tube channel. Haven’t done much with it, but plan on doing more.

  5. Hell YES!! That’s sweet! Very much look forward to chatting with you after the mighty Frightfest!

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