Terror Troop 082: The Boss Is “Away”

Boss Butcher missed this recording due to the birth of a new grandson, but the show went on with Bloody Lizzy taking over hosting duties. The two movies on the show this week are a film by Francis Ford Coppola called Twixt (2011) and a “torture porn” movie from 2007, Scar. Between the two reviews is an interview Boss did with our good friend, Actress April Washko. Get to know this talented and genuine future legend a bit better as we get up to speed with her plans for the future, and more! The show wraps up with the Troopers talking about horror video games! On with the show!

Show Lineup: Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, Kelly Killbot and Jesse Bollinger. Special Guest, Actress April Washko!

April Washko’s links:

April’s Website

April’s IMDB Page

April’s You Tube

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  1. Congratulations Boss, and well done to Lizzy for being an excellent host. My thoughts on Twixt were it was okay, the dream sequences were excellent but it ended very abruptly. I was getting sleepy during the film but I’m unsure whether that was due to the film or because of the fact I was just back from a run , maybe it was a combination of the two. With regards to Scar it is awful. I bought it on impulse for £2 and I was ripped off, it is an atrocious film. Aprils’ interview was also very uplifting, jesus she has overcame loads.

    I can’t believe no one mentioned The Condemned 1&2 on the 360 for horror games. Those two are excellent. In the 2nd game you play an alcoholic who has to keep drinking otherwise he gets the shakes which in turn messes up his aim. I loved that feature. You can also smash bottles of booze over bad guys then shoot them with a taser gun so they burst into flames and die, instead the usual method of disposes of bad guys which smashing their faces in with a crow bar.

  2. Malky- Thank you! That’s about the only way I’m going to miss an episode for sure! I gree with both of your assessments of the films. I liked the visuals of Twixt, but Scar, ugh. Why was it ok to stay on the poor victims for their torture, but they pull away from the payoff? Poorly done!
    April is dynamite! I totally believe in her and hope she conquers the world!!
    Condemned 2 sound like a riot! I’ll have to try that out!

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