Terror Troop 084: Sexbots At Westworld

The week we debut our new format for your approval, and welcome a new Trooper to the fold! Say hello to Karina from Mexico City! Boss Butcher is back after 2 weeks away from the main part of the podcast and the movie we are looking at is Westworld from 1973! This film is written and directed by Michael Crichton, and features an iconic performance from Yul Brynner. We have 3 other reviews for you in our segments starting with the remake of Carrie, which is endorsed by HellHunter! Next, Malky Hughes and Boss discuss 1984’s Return Of The Living Dead, and finally Boss reviews a new movie from Midnight Releasing, Demon. We hope you enjoy the show, and please let us know what you think of the new format!

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, Dan of the Dead, Kelly Killbot, Jesse (The Evil Druid) Bollinger and Karina Nunez! Segments by HellHunter and Malky Hughes!

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Return Of The Living Dead



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  1. So happy you’re back big B….. Since I am older than all catching up to that 60 mark, Westworld is not horror nor was it ever meant to be. The genre war straight forward in the 70s nothing like today… Too muddy.

    Not crazy over the new format… Choppy differing volumes kind of mundane… Once you got the feature much better.

    HH needs to stay… Will catch Carrie before it comes out of the theaters.

    Not to hurt feelings but some of the hosts bring nothing… getting to many… My suggestion for the shows lineups are… BB, HH, Lizzie, Kelly… snub the rest.

    Line of the podcast… Molecules and shit…lol

    Hear you on the next ones.

    • Duncehead- Thank you for listening and for your honest feedback. Yes the sound! It is a work in progress, as we have been getting new equipment and testing it out. The same can be said with the format. It is in it’s infancy, but I feel it will allow for more creativity, and it let’s us have HellHunter and TheEmi1y on more regularly. It is difficult to have them on due to the time differences and the personal schedules.

      Regarding Westworld: Yes I certainly wouldn’t regard it as horror, myself, but Mr. Brynner scared me as a youngster, and I’ve always wanted to dig into that movie! 🙂

      Thanks again for your support and feedback!

  2. Hey man I thought the new format worked rather well. Regarding Westworld I’m kinda in Dan & Lizzy’s camp but then maybe that is just our impatient generation who want to get to the good stuff quickly.

  3. liking the new format, and as long is there is a Terror Troop podcast. I am happy! 🙂 keep up the good work!

  4. Deuce- Good to see you back! Glad you are liking it. I think it will continue to get better, but there may be some wrinkles and inconsistancies for the next few weeks until we all get used to it! Thanks for stopping by, and for the encouraging words!

  5. Wow I don’t like when people knock our work , we all put time into this . To much trolling on the net

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