Terror Troop 085: Grab Bag!

Merry Christmas, Troopers! We bring you our 85th episode, and we hope it gives you a few laughs, and some stuff to check out in the coming weeks! We look at an Irish film from this year called Grabbers. A movie seemingly tailor-made for the Terror Troop Podcast. A creature feature that requires drinking alcohol as a means of survival! Also included are segments by Dan of the Dead (debuting his new “Dead and Loving It” segment) and Chris Excess which will encourage a look at Hammer zombies (Plague of the Zombies , 1966) and a documentary on radical body modification (Modify, 2005) So kick back, get ready, and enjoy the variety of this crazy episode!

Show lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy,Wildman Willis Wheeler, Dan of the Dead, Kelly Killbot and Jesse (The Evil Druid)! Segments- Dan of the Dead and Chris Excess!

Movie Links:


Plague of the Zombies


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  1. Hey guys, that was a really fun episode. I didn’t like Grabbers as much as everyone but it is a decent film. If you have difficulties with the Irish accent, how do you cope with mine?

    I’m really enjoying the new format however Chris’s section caused me to scream in horror I’ll laugh and giggle at fake gore all day long but real gore makes me squeamish. Don’t think I’ll be checking out Modify any time soon….

  2. Malky! Ha! I knew you’d say that! Well, there is no backgorund noise when I talk to you for one thing, and I can ask you to repeat stuff! LOL!
    Yes, Modify sounds crazy! We need another Scottish Segment soon!

  3. Doing another segment would be sweet we could do Lords of Salem as I really like it :). I’ll be rather busy over the festive period but I’ll be free in the new year.

  4. Haha! We’ll do it! We’ll just stay in touch and find a good time.

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