Terror Troop 088: The Sleeper

We give you a sleeper this episode. A movie none of us had seen before this episode, and from talking with folks around the world, not too many have seen it either! It the an 80s slasher throwback called The Sleeper! Hear what the gang think of this retro-fitted flick we discuss as our main feature! Back again this episode is Dan of the Dead’s Dead And Loving It segment, where the feature is . The next segment features Director Max Cerchi, making another appearance to promote his latest project, a found footage film, called The Box.

Show lineup: Boss Butcher, Wildman Willis, Kelly Killbot, Chris Excess, The Evil Druid and Karina! Segments with Dan of the Dead, and Max Cerchi!

Max Cerchi’s links:

House of Evil on Indiegogo

Movie Links:

The Sleeper


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  1. Excellent show guys, I will definitely have to check out The Sleeper. It sounds like a great movie to watch with friends and a few beers.

  2. I think you’ll get a kick out of it, Malky! It is a fun movie!

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