Terror Troop 090: Clown Action

Hello, and welcome to episode 90 of our little podcast! We were asked to review a film by one of our awesome listeners, Jay Drury, and were glad we did! The main feature this time out is Stitches (2012), a film about a vengeful, evil clown! Also featured this week is a segment with the always heavy duty Levi Olson who recommends a film starring Donald Sutherland called Don’t Look Now (1972), and hear Emily’s take on Stitches as well, in a separate segment! Also enjoy early alcohol tales from the Troopers!

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, Kelly Killbot, The Evil Druid!! Segments: Levi Olson and The Emi1y!

Movie Links:


Don’t Look Now

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  1. Excellent episode guys, I was not as taken by Stitches as you guys perhaps it needs a revisit. I do find Ross Noble hilarious though.

    Epic review by Levi I’ve been meaning to check out Don’t Look Now for ages.

    Ps Doctor Who is awesome

  2. Malky- I anxiously await your thoughts on Don’t Look Now!

  3. Boss, another great show! Thanks to you and the Troop! Always great to hear from Emily also! I watched Sticher (I mean Stitches) and loved it! I bit too much silly gore but yet rally creepy….Also I want to hear what Emily thought of Grabbers…
    Anyway, great job as always bringing everyone together! Love, love, love! keep on doing what you do…hey, also, I just watched Lords of Salem…wow, I expected to really hate it, but, not so bad….a little off kilter in places, but overall, effective, if not solid…not going to buy it or anything….a bit too random for me…

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