Terror Troop 121: Sacrament and The Garden

It’s just Willis Wheeler and Boss Butcher this week as we look at a movie called The Garden (2006) starring the great Lance Henriksen. We start the show off with a discussion of an app that (of all things) tells you how bad you farts will be! It’s called Fart Code and we have the link below, if you are interested! Ha ha!

LC Fremont and Boss Butcher review Sacrament (2014), a film directed by Shawn Ewert who has appeared on the show a couple of times. Hear what Ms Fremont and Boss think of this film making the Festival cicuit right now.

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Willis Wheeler and LC Fremont

Link to Fart Code app webpage

Movie Links:

The Garden

Sacrament movie website

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