Terror Troop 153: Beyond The Black Rainbow

Another avant garde film this week as we jump into 2010’s Beyond The Black Rainbow. Chris Excess and Horror Honey LC Fremont join Boss and Bloody Lizzy to discuss this visually and sonically striking film. Admittedly it’s not for everyone, but what did the group make of it? We invite you to check it out and compare your thoughts! Please note: The spoiler alert section of this show ends at around 52:40! 🙂

Show Lineup: Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Chris Excess and LC Fremont

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Beyond The Black Rainbow

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  1. I enjoyed this film quite a bit myself. It’s a slow burn and there does seem to be a lot of style over substance upon initial glance. It’s essentially a film student’s first film if they were given one million dollars for their budget. Anyway, I was also under the impression that Elena was Dr. Arboria’s daughter. It seemed clear to me that Barry killed Arboria’s wife after coming back from his experience in the pool, and then Arboria’s daughter was the second test subject, hinting that Arboria was more of a crazed cult leader, more concerned with his goals than he was his wife. This might also be why he doesn’t call Elena his daughter. She’s an experiment to him, not a person. Berry seems to have gone insane because he had a fully developed adult brain — a rational mind that can’t accept what he saw while in the pool, thus he was a failure. Elena only being a baby, did not have a rational, developed mind, thus she came out of the pool undamaged, and with the psychic and telekinetic powers we see within her. Of course, this only adds to Barry’s continued mental break-down as he spends years struggling to maintain control of his environment and his old persona with drugs and wearing the wig, contacts and such. I enjoyed hearing some other perspectives on this one. Love the podcast!

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