Terror Troop 200: Zombeavers

Welcome to it, Troopers! We have reached the rarified air of the 200th podcast! Jump on in, the altitude is fine! We look at a crappy movie called ‘Zombeavers’ and get all Terror Troop on ya! We are joined by TT veterans and 2 new guys! Pete ‘Witchfinder’ Hopkins and Hector Santana! Willis explains the details of The Babadook and why it will never happen to Black folks! We learn about Beaver ass food additives and more! Enjoy the ride! You’ve earned it! 200 down and more to come! Thanks for listening!

Movie Link:


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Cinema Beef

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Here is Pete ‘Witchfinder’ Hopkins’ website!

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  1. I’d love to get a copy of the poster! Great show! Glad you guys are back!

  2. Love nature gone wild movies, though none comes close to Jaws. It’s almost like it’s a category of its own.

  3. Jaws Poster!! Also, Boss B, sorry you’re getting burned out but that happens.

  4. Woohoo! Only 2 spots left! Who will claim the 2 remaining posters?!? Congrats and thank you to Nisu, Orson and Scott!!!

  5. jaws poster, best ever

  6. One spot left!! You are in Teressa!! Who will get the last poster???

  7. GREAT! Congrats to all our winners!
    If you can please, email me your address at eliza.gera@gmail.com
    I received the posters yesterday, I will number and sign them. And am hoping to mail them all out this weekend. I just need to know where they go. 😉

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