Terror Troop Special: Kyle’s 26th Birthday Experience with April Washko

In light of the recent death of comedy great Robin Williams, I decided to use a little bit of my storage space to put out a special episode to support April Washko’s event called Kyle’s 26th Birthday Experience. Kyle was April’s best friend who killed himself and this event seeks ot make the world a better place by doing random acts of kindness today, August 23, in Kyle’s memory, and to help get the word out on Suicide Prevention. Judging by the response I saw after Robin Williams’ death, and based on my experience with the horror community, I know we are a group of sensitive and caring people. I figure this show might be of value for anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts, or someone who has a friend or family member dealing with it. We share personal stories and info on the Kyle’s Birthday Event as well as resources to get help if needed. We will have a regularly scheduled Terror Troop episode tomorrow, as always.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline site

or call 1-800-273- TALK (8255)

The Kyle’s 26th Birthday Experience Facebook Page

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  1. I liked the page and will visit every day.

  2. Thanks Raquel! Just an FYI, we post new episodes of the show every Sunday. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! BB

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