Welcome to the revived Terror Troop website!

Our last episode that will appear on Horror Palace will be up Sunday January 27. It has been a fun year and a half. We’ve met all kinds of great podcasters who have become friends, we’ve had alot of listeners get in touch with us and support our podcast. It has been great, and the fun will now continue here at TerrorTroop.com . Over the next few weeks we will be working on this site to make it the launchpad for our podcast subscription (still weekly, and still FREE to you!). While we don’t plan on missing a single week, the beginning will be an adjustment period. We will be releasing our weekly show every Sunday, but the way you receive it will change. Perhaps a couple of times.

We have to get our feed going so that we can resubmit with iTunes, and then it will be automatic for all who subscribe. So please be patient, and be assured we are working hard to learn the more technical aspects of providing you with the Terror Troop podcast!

Thank you all for following us to our new home, and for all the support and feedback you have given us!

Your pal,

Boss Butcher

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